Run for Your Life!

I have always been fairly athletic, and I enjoy playing a good game that gets my blood pumping.  But I loathe exercise.  I’ll run all day long if I’m on a court or a playing field, but ask me to run to get or stay in shape and I’ll kindly decline.  I’ve tried several times [Read More…]

The Mean Season

Like many of you, I am already bemoaning the tone and tenor of the Presidential campaign.  I’m not surprised, mind you, nor are you, I’m sure.  While we might have hoped that the candidates and their surrogates would “take the high road” and focus on issues in substantive ways, this fall promises to be the [Read More…]

Olympics Fever

I have had to tear myself away from my television to write this post.  After all, the gold medal match in women’s doubles table tennis is on, and I hate to miss it.  That may sound tongue-in-cheek, but I’m serious.  In the past 10 days I have been consumed by the Olympics.  While others criticize [Read More…]

It Could Have Been Otherwise

We spent the Fourth of July like many others do.  We got together with family and friends, we had a cookout with way too much food, and we set off some fireworks once it got dark.  The family fireworks are always a highlight of the day, and we all anticipated a great show this year. [Read More…]

The New Face of Courage

Courage comes in many forms and it wears many faces. We often think of those who put themselves in harms’ way for the sake of others as being courageous. The firefighter who rushes into a burning building. The soldier who risks life and limb to save a buddy who’s been wounded. The mother who shields [Read More…]

What Really Matters

I recently conducted a memorial service for a young woman who had taken her own life. She left behind a loving husband and her five year old daughter, as well as her mother and siblings. It was, in every sense of the word, a tragedy. I had only met this woman briefly on a few [Read More…]

On Being a Beginner Again

If someone were to ask you whether you’d rather be an expert or a beginner at something (pick any activity that interests you), I’m guessing that you’d probably say “expert.”  I know I would.  Who wouldn’t want complete mastery of a subject?  As someone who just started playing the guitar five years ago, I think [Read More…]

Changing Your Wiper Blades

Last week I bought new windshield wipers for my car and I was amazed at how much better I could see! These new wipers were like a miracle – with just a few strokes they swiped the windshield clean, giving me a clear view of the road ahead. For weeks I had been driving with [Read More…]