Come In and Sing!

The National Cathedral in Reykjavík is a modest edifice, as far as cathedrals go, and despite the fact that I’ve passed by it at least a hundred times on my visits to Iceland, I had never stepped inside—until last month. I’m not entirely sure why. I have ventured inside dozens of other churches in the [Read More…]

A Direction of the Heart

The poet Rainer Maria Rilke wrote, “Religion is something infinitely simple, ingenious.  It is not knowledge, not content of feeling … it is not duty and not renunciation, it is not restriction: but in the infinite extent of the universe it is a direction of the heart.” While I cannot agree wholeheartedly with this great [Read More…]

Asking for Wonder

For as long as I can remember, I have striven to be successful. Even in the earliest years of school, I wanted to be first in my class, whether or not I actually learned anything. As an adult, I have sometimes cherished the prestige of a position more than I have been satisfied by the [Read More…]