Real vs. Manufactured Outrage

I was going to write a post very much like the one that Peter Friedrichs shared yesterday. One in which I bemoaned the barrage of outrage from all sides of the political spectrum: “President Obama thinks that small business owners don’t actually accomplish anything by their own hands!” “Republican lawmakers swam naked in the sea [Read More...]

The Mean Season

Like many of you, I am already bemoaning the tone and tenor of the Presidential campaign.  I’m not surprised, mind you, nor are you, I’m sure.  While we might have hoped that the candidates and their surrogates would “take the high road” and focus on issues in substantive ways, this fall promises to be the [Read More...]

What’s Behind the Spin?

I’ve become curious about the way that Romney and those in support of his campaign have been accusing Obama of “hatred” and “division.” Is it just a throw it out and see what sticks tactic to assault his character, or is there something deeper going on? Here’s my best guess. Obama, both by policy and [Read More...]

Games Without Frontiers

Like so many people I’ve been talking to these past two weeks, I am a complete Olympics junkie. You can only guess what has been occupying most of my nights for the past two weeks. For me, though, the experience of this year’s Olympic Summer Games has been missing something, and I struggled early on [Read More...]

Imperfect Being, Seeking Balance

For several weeks now, I have been walking around my garden first thing each morning, ignoring its beautiful blooms, walking by the vine ready vegetables and herbs, with one thing on my mind. Murder. Yes, it’s those Japanese beetles that have me seeing with such tunnel vision. I walk around with a bucket of soapy [Read More...]

In solidarity with our Sikh sisters and brothers

This past Sunday’s horrific shooting at the Oak Creek Sikh Temple just outside Milwaukee is more than just news headlines to Unitarian Universalists. It took place just a week after the four-year anniversary of an unnervingly similar crime, the killing of two and wounding of seven on July 27, 2008 at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian [Read More...]

Olympics Fever

I have had to tear myself away from my television to write this post.  After all, the gold medal match in women’s doubles table tennis is on, and I hate to miss it.  That may sound tongue-in-cheek, but I’m serious.  In the past 10 days I have been consumed by the Olympics.  While others criticize [Read More...]

August: The Year’s Midlife Crisis

                  I think August is the midlife crisis month of every year.  At least here in Minnesota, this is the time when things I haven’t done begin to loom around the edges, saying, “If not now, when!?” It’s hot and sticky here, but the days are getting [Read More...]

Fantasy? Myth?

As a minister, I am constantly learning, and sometimes learning about completely unexpected things. At my congregation, my summer worship services have used movies that are currently in the theaters as the text. I chose the films by reading reviews and story lines online. I chose them before seeing them and sometimes before they were [Read More...]