What Really Matters

I recently conducted a memorial service for a young woman who had taken her own life. She left behind a loving husband and her five year old daughter, as well as her mother and siblings. It was, in every sense of the word, a tragedy. I had only met this woman briefly on a few [Read More...]

“I didn’t say it was fair, I said it was the law.”

I asked my ex, my partner of almost twenty years from whom I separated three years ago, the co-parent of a teenaged kid, to attend a $14 community education session with me and update our wills. We had spent thousands of dollars asserting, in two different states, that we were in fact related to one [Read More...]

Paying Attention

“We must learn to reawaken and keep ourselves awake. . . .Only that day dawns to which we are awake.” Henry David Thoreau A couple of months ago, I took the Union of Concerned Scientists online quiz (http://www.coolersmarter.org/) designed to tell me how to reduce my carbon footprint. It was called 20 days, 20 ways, [Read More...]

Human Kindness

Imagine this: The day is hot and the line at the gas station is long. After all, it’s the least expensive gas in town. I pull in behind a tan Toyota, tired and dusty – ready to fill up my gas tank and make my way home. Only the Toyota isn’t moving. The Toyota and [Read More...]

A Personal Relationship with God

The aspect of my personal faith that seems to bring about the most confusion in friends and colleagues is that I believe I have a deep and abiding personal relationship with a God that is incapable of knowing that I even exist. I find that the confusion about this theological point rests not only with [Read More...]

Summer and Sabbath

My thirteen-year-old daughter and I have different ideas about what it is that she will be doing with her summer vacation, which will be upon us in a few days. I think that the summer before she enters high school would be a good time to get a jump start on subjects she finds challenging. [Read More...]

A Case For Religion

A growing number of people in the United States define themselves as “spiritual but not religious.” Study after demographic study shows that this segment of our population is rising steadily, as people growing up in a pluralistic society reject the rigid dogma that they associate with “religion.” Maybe you’re someone who has claimed this title [Read More...]

How to be evangelist

First, let me introduce myself, as this is my first post at Quest for Meaning. I am Rev. Dr. Matt Tittle, minister of Central Unitarian Church in Paramus, NJ. I have been blogging since 2006, most prominently at the Houston Chronicle from 2006-2010. I am delighted to begin blogging here, where I will post every [Read More...]

Spiritual Drought & Restoration

I have to be mindful of the baskets of flowers that hang below the eaves. Even though it has rained for four days, the eaves have sheltered the flowers from the rain. This means that though the road is washed out and water sits upon the ground with no where to go, even though the [Read More...]