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Passing On Our Faith

Now that I am a mom I realize that God has given me the huge responsibility of teaching my child to love Him and obey Him. No pressure! In my desire to pass on my faith to my child, I look around for good examples who I can emulate. I know many Catholic families, but [Read More…]

A Little Bit of Humor

Vox Nova has it all. From philosophy to different accents, we have views on everything! So why not bring these two topics together? Yes indeed, time for some Monty Python! A song from the 3 Bruces of the philosophy department of the University of Wallamaloo! [Read more…]

On Inter-Religious Dialogue: II The Catholic Obligation for Inter-Religious Dialogue

“The Church, therefore, exhorts her sons, that through dialogue and collaboration with the followers of other religions, carried out with prudence and love and in witness to the Christian faith and life, they recognize, preserve and promote the good things, spiritual and moral, as well as the socio-cultural values found among these men” Nostra Aetate [Read More…]

Warts and Carbuncles

Thanks to InToon for this! [Read more…]

No accent is better than another

I recently heard on NPR that there are American English accent enhancement programs that help immigrants from Asia, Latin America, and Europe to “make their American English sound more like that of Americans.” These services are primarily targeted to those individuals who wish to succeed in the American business world, especially those involved in Sales [Read More…]

On Inter-Religious Dialogue I: Religious Liberty and Tolerance

Ideologues tend to use simplistic-sounding notions as a means to control their audience. For example, they can say something like, “error has no rights.” What would one mean by this? Obviously, it would mean “what you say is wrong, and you have no right to discuss it.” Of course, they obscure many facts, such as [Read More…]

Immigration Video

Here’s a video on immigration that Katerina made awhile back during the congressional debates over whether or not to construct a fence along the U.S./Mexico border. Given the events in the Senate today, I thought it appropriate to post the video once more. [youtube=] [Read more…]

Contents of the Immigration Bill

As Katerina noted, the immigration bill suffered a crushing defeat today in the U.S. Senate. The sense that I got from the past few weeks of talk radio, politician soundbites, cable news debates, and bloggers is that the contents of this bill were largely unknown to the public, yet there was no shortage of public [Read More…]

Senate blocks immigration bill

“But we won’t ignore people in need, and we won’t be quiet about laws that don’t work — or that, in their “working,” create impossible contradictions and suffering. Despite all of the heated public argument over the past year, Americans still find themselves stuck with an immigration system that adequately serves no one. We urgently [Read More…]

Out of Africa

Can Catholics in the West learn something from Catholics in Africa? Even though Cardinal Arinze is an important and influential leader in the Church, it seems, on the most part, Africa is ignored by us. Why is it? Are we too focused upon our own immediate surroundings that we don’t take the time to explore [Read More…]