With Sadness

I report that my college friend Susan Shaughnessy, age 30, passed away today. Susan devoted her life to life issues, whether by loving the unborn, caring for the homeless addict, or later working for the John Paul II Institute at Catholic University of America.

God bless her! And please pray for her parents, her brother, her boyfriend and her very many friends all over the world.

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  • May she rest in peace!

  • I’m sincerely sorry for your loss.

  • Eternal memory, O Lord.

  • My condolences, RCM. May she rest in peace through the mercy of God.

  • Paladin

    May she rest in peace; God bless and comfort her, and her family, and all who love her.

  • Katerina

    I’m really sorry, RCM. It was clear how much she meant to you and the difference she made in the lives of others. I had been praying for her and her family. May the Lord grant her peace!