This News Is Too Interesting To Pass Up

According to the newspaper, Maen Llanan important weekly Welsh paper, President Barack Obama will soon be meeting with Pope Benedict. While that should not be surprising, the talk is that the President is considering a conversion to Catholicism. The author of the article, Gwen Cooper, an investigative reporter from Cardiff, said it all comes from Obama’s up and coming commencement speech at Notre Dame.  “For the last few weeks, President Jenkins has been talking to Obama about Catholicism. It really got the American President interested. Catechesis began, and Obama took it all in, and was quickly convinced that he must convert. Obama, in consultation with Jenkins, decided the best time to be confirmed was when he met with the Pope.”

Famous Commonweal editor, William Morris, was more than upset when he heard the news. “When President Obama was elected by the American people, I thought the world was changing. It looked like we would soon be living out the utopian dream of Marx and Engels. Now we know what he meant by change. Sorry, that’s not change I can believe in.”

Reaction to the news have been mixed. One prominent Protestant, Jack Harkness, believes that it’s all a trap. “Once he is confirmed, Jesuits plan to take the President to Rome, where he will be led to the headquarters of the CDF. We all know what that means.”  Perhaps so. That would at least appease the objection many Catholics would have with Obama’s confirmation.

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  • Ronald King

    April Fools

  • John Henry

    I wouldn’t under-estimate the impact of VP Joe Biden on President Obama’s recent conversion.

  • David Nickol

    If Maen Llan hadn’t been correct about the conversion of George Bush to Catholicism and Laura filing for divorce (all of which has been kept very quiet), I would be skeptical.

  • Morning’s Minion

    You missed the reaction from George Wiggle-Room over at Second Things:

    “It is really hard to see how somebody who opposed the Iraq war from the outset could become Catholic. But maybe his conversion will give him the grace to recognize the wisdom of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney”.

  • X-Cathedra

    I wouldn’t underestimate the impact of Newt Gingrich on President Obama’s recent conversion.

    Pax Christi,

  • Michael J. Iafrate

    Good post, and good “addition” MM.

  • Paul, Just This Guy, You Know?

    Good post, and good “addition” MM.

    Quite right. What Vox Nova post can be considered complete or authentic without a gratuitous dig at Bush & Cheney?

  • Mickey Jackson

    Hardy-harr, Henry. I’ll admit: I fell for it. I was so excited about the potential of seeing Obama change some of his positions and finally having a true pro-life progressive in the White House. Then I clicked on the link. That’s just cruel.

  • Katerina

    Very nice!

  • Katerina

    I also fell for it

  • Henry Karlson

    Well, some of the things I mentioned in it are true. For example, William Morris was a famed editor for Commonweal. Of course, he’s now dead. He would have to be haunting Europe to make any claims today. But perhaps he is…

  • ari

    So let me get this straight:

    The guy who wrote on the topic concerning lies is actually himself a liar? ;^)