A Florilegium in Honor of Oscar Romero

Yesterday, May 24, Archbishop Oscar Romero was beatified in San Salvador in a public ceremony attended by 250,000 people.  I am without words:  this is such a profound and moving moment that I am really unsure what to say.  So instead, I want to present a florilegium in his honor.  I begin with a photo of Romero taken moments after his assassination:


I continue with a brief excerpt from the letter from Pope Francis read at the beatification ceremony:

Archbishop Romero invites us to sanity and reflection, to respect for life and harmony. It is necessary to renounce “the violence of the sword, of hate” and to live “the violence of love, that left Christ nailed to the Cross, that makes each one of us overcome selfishness and so that there be no more such cruel inequality between us.” He knew how to see and experienced in his own flesh “the selfishness that hides itself in those who do not wish to give up what is theirs for the benefit of others.” And, with the heart of a father, he would worry about the “poor majority”, asking the powerful to convert “weapons into sickles for work.”

May those who have Archbishop Romero as a friend of faith, those who invoke him as protector and intercessor, those who admire his image, find in him the strength and courage to build the Kingdom of God, to commit to a more equal and dignified social order.

Next, a selection of posts from the archives of Vox Nova on Oscar Romero.  This list is an attempt to be complete:  if I missed anything, please let me know.

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April 2009,  “We will follow God’s order, not men’s”

June, 2008, Archbishop Oscar Romero on Marxism

March, 2008, March 24, Servant of God Oscar Romero of the Americas


Finally, the prayer for the beatification of Oscar Romero, which is as timely as ever:

Oh Jesus, Eternal Shepherd, you made Monseñor Oscar Romero a living example of faith and charity, and you granted him the grace of dying at the foot of the altar in a supreme act of love for you. Grant us, if it is your will, the grace of his beatification. Make us follow his example of love for the Church, for your Word, for the Eucharist, and love for you in the poor and the needy. We ask this through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace. Amen.

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  • http://digbydolben.wordpress.com dismasdolben

    Without the Bergoglio papacy, this never would have happened.

    • David Cruz-Uribe, SFO

      I think the process has sped up considerably under Pope Francis, but in fairness you must note that the cause was reopened under Pope Benedict. According to one press report I read while putting this together, the obstacle was Cardinal Trujillo; Benedict started things moving shortly after Trujillo died.

      • http://emmasrandomthoughts.wordpress.com emmasrandomthoughts

        Sometimes I think we unfairly put Benedict XVI (and Pope Francis) into a box.

        • David Cruz-Uribe, SFO

          Perhaps it is better to say that they tend to spill out of any box we try to put them in. There is a lot of truth in the boxes we have constructed for both of them, but not the whole truth, by any means.

  • Julia Smucker

    Thank you for this moving compilation, David. It’s worth reading through them all.

    You have the wording reversed in the title of my September 2014 post, but I guess “troubling crosses for modern times” works too, in a way. :-)

    I also noticed that the post preceding “Si me matan…” and the one following “Servant of God…” are also on Romero.

  • Chris

    At the time I was active in a local committee for human rights in El Salvador. I remember attending my first ever Catholic Mass, a local reqiuem mass for Blessed Archbishop Romero. I am eternally grateful for his witness, his binging me to the Catholic Mass, and his presence in my daily life.

    God Bless

  • Katherine

    Has anyone found the readings assigned for the Mass and Office for him?

    • David Cruz-Uribe, SFO

      I have not heard anything about a mass or office: I do not know if such things are done for a Beatus. Anybody reading here know about these things?