TF45: The Archdiocese of Regina Lay Formation Program – A Homily from Archbishop Don Bolen

This week we have a special treat for your summer enjoyment – a homily by our Archbishop Donald Bolen delivered on June 10th at the 34th graduation Mass for our Archdiocese of Regina Lay Formation Program! As you may or may not recall, host Eric Gurash has been coordinating this program for the past two years. It’s a program that seeks to give an answer to a great need, expressed by Pope Francis for “well-trained lay people animated by a sincere faith…whose life has been touched by the personal and merciful love of Jesus Christ.” In this episode, Archbishop Donald speaks to us about the great, evangelizing mission of Christ that has been courageously taken up by this year’s program graduates.

 And if Archbishop Donald’s homily has inspired you to find out how you might be a part of this movement of transformation change within our Church, don’t hesitate to contact show host and program coordinator Eric Gurash about registering for our Fall intake at 306.352.1651 ext 211 or by emailing him at

Want to know more? Check out our Program page at;

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