On hiatus

Dear readers, This has been a long time coming, but after much reflection I have decided to take an extended and perhaps permanent hiatus from blogging here at Vox Nova. As one of the blog’s founding members, it is difficult to step away from the project, especially after working with such great co-contributors over the [Read More…]

A Glimpse of the Resurrection During the Church’s Way of the Cross

This past Holy Week and subsequent celebration of Easter was a rough one for me this year. Too many realities converged which made it impossible to let the Triduum go by as usual. First, there is my continuing dissatisfaction with my usual parish community and my family’s inability to feel very comfortable at any of [Read More…]

Blogging and basic ethics

Blogging-about-blogging is often annoying to read. It is also a drag to write. But sometimes it needs to be done. Please bear with me as I point to an important concern. [Read more…]

Book Review: Jesus and Money

Jesus and Money: A Guide for Times of Financial Crisis by Ben Witherington III Brazos Press / $18.99 US (list) [Amazon] [Brazos] [A slightly edited version of this review appeared in the Catholic Register (Canada).] Ben Witherington brings biblical teaching on money to bear on the current economic crisis in Jesus and Money. Witherington is [Read More…]

Was Jesus Raped?: David Tombs on Sexual Violence and the Crucifixion

Although the passion narratives of our Gospels are well known to us and bring all sorts of images to mind, they are in fact quite sketchy overall. We fill in each of the four narratives in various ways: with one another, with images from art and film, and even with insights from the contemporary world. [Read More…]

On the absence of children in the church

Vox Nova readers may be interested in a new post I have up at Rock and Theology entitled “Seen (Sometimes) But Rarely Heard: On the Presence and Absence of Children in the Church and in Theology.” [Read more…]

More proof that the health care bill is “anti-life”

Truthout alerts us to ten things we didn’t know were in the health care bill. Among them are such awful, anti-life measures as: 3. Right to pump. Workplaces will have to provide “reasonable” break time and a private location — other than a bathroom — for breastfeeding mothers to pump breast milk for one year [Read More…]

Enjoy the Silence: Triduum, sexual abuse, and the disappearance of the crucified

“Words are very unnecessary / They can only do harm Enjoy the silence” (Depeche Mode) German political theologian Fr. Johann Baptist Metz famously wrote on many occasions that the challenge for theologians in the second half of the twentieth century would be to learn how to write theology that places the world’s victims at the [Read More…]

Twenty-first century bishops and a twenty-first century church

Earlier this month in his regular NCR column, John Allen described Archbishop Charles Chaput as a “twenty-first century” bishop, not so much for his ideas and viewpoints but for the way he “compete[s] in [the] secular marketplace of ideas.” Today in NCR’s story on the sainthood cause of Archbishop Oscar Romero, whose anniversary of martyrdom [Read More…]

“Si me matan, resucitaré en el pueblo salvadoreño.”

That is, “If I am killed, I will rise in the Salvadoran people.” Here are a few more resources on and quotes from Archbishop Oscar Romero who was killed by a u.s. funded and trained death squad 30 years ago today while celebrating Mass. My uncle has been serving as a priest in El Salvador [Read More…]