No more non-negotiables

In another of his off-the-cuff remarks to a journalist, this time at Corriere della Serra, Pope Francis took issue with the bifurcation of Church moral teachings into “non-negotiable” and “negotiable”. Here is what he said: “I have never understood the expression non-negotiable values. Values are values, and that is it. I can’t say that, of [Read More…]

Yes, progressives can embrace Downton Abbey!

Downton Abbey has clearly become a cultural phenomenon on both sides of the Atlantic. Like Brideshead Revisited before it, it seems to capture a certain zeitgeist—a certain nostalgia for a simpler time, especially against a backdrop of economic crisis and cultural malaise.  But wait, progressives warn us, we should not romanticize this period! We should [Read More…]

The religious dimenion of Gravity

Note: this post discusses the content of the move Gravity. If you don’t want to know, don’t read on! [Read more…]