On Community

A blogger recently made a global move back to the United States.  He went to his parish on Sunday, and upon returning commenced the debate of where he was going to church next week.  Being the nice guy I am, I told him he should go to his territorial parish and live with it.  I [Read More…]

Personal Choice, Sin, and the Collective

A number of vegetarians justify their lifestyle because they don’t want to be responsible for the death of another living creature.  When this is offered, there will sometimes be the reply that being vegetarian isn’t enough.  Vegetables are most often and most economically harvested via mechanization.  These machines often kill small rodents.  The piece of [Read More…]

Football, Prostitutes, and Marriage

Presently college football is being rocked by allegations that University of Miami players received improper benefits from a sports booster who was imprisoned recently for securities fraud after his near billion dollar Ponzi scheme collapsed.  Among the improper benefits were cash payments to players, arranging prostitutes for players, hosting yacht parties, and in one case [Read More…]

English Riots and the Uncouth, Uncivilized, and Unappreciating

I have often cautioned against making the argument that we are superior because we are smarter, better looking, more cultured, or deeper thinkers.  Today is the day to condemn a similar style of argument, people in the past were smarter, better looking, more cultured, and deeper thinkers.  The impetus for writing this is much of [Read More…]

Debt Deal

The compromise debt deal plan currently being discussed is unacceptable.  It doesn’t resolve the debt limit issue.  We will be back to dealing with the politics of this before the next election.  Republicans have maintained that revenue increases are a poison pill in these negotiations.  It appears that the Democrats may have acceded to these [Read More…]

Spanking, Race, and Class

In the recent spanking debate here, one of the points that I’m not sure was really expanded upon was the idea of spanking being a preventative for real and substantial harm.  What makes spanking seem unreasonable to modern sensibilities is the very real sense that it appears to be disproportionate punishment.  The harms that can [Read More…]

Trudeau and Corapi

Times like these remind me of Kevin Trudeau.  I’m not shocked that a guy was convicted of huckstering.  I’ve been the victim of a couple of scams myself, for-profit-education and work from home.  The former cost me a doozy.  The latter cost me about $200.  Anyhow, the shocking thing about Trudeau is that people still [Read More…]

Finding Resolution

There seems to be a lot of confusion over non-US legal systems and some intentional attempts to exploit prejudices in this regard.  There have been claims that there isn’t a presumption of innocence, which facially isn’t true.  Of course people make the argument that the presumption of innocence is a formality and in practice defendants [Read More…]

In Brief

For the second time in a couple of weeks, I’ve read about a family returning to the Catholic Church.  In both cases, theological issues and issues of liturgy were of no importance to the decisions.  This would be unremarkable except for the fact that both persons were quite educated on both topics.  A common theme [Read More…]

Prayer Request

One of our contributors is in mourning, and we request prayers for that intention as we offer them ourselves. [Read more…]