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Reviving Evangelical Catholicism

I have decided to revive my old blog, which I maintained with my wife, Katerina, Evangelical Catholicism along with a few friends.  EC will discuss virtually anything that touches on the Catholic faith, so it will be a bit more comprehensive than I what I have been doing here at Vox Nova.  We’re still putting [Read More…]

Professor Garnett on Obama and Notre Dame

Professor Richard Garnett of the Univeristy of Notre Dame Law School was interviewed on NPR on the Obama and Notre Dame controversy.  He provides some very measured thoughts that I find helpful in thinking clearly about this issue. [Read more…]

University of Chicago Faculty and Students Consider Housing and Financial Crisis

Here’s a link to a Dutch video that examines the housing and financial crisis in the United States through the discussions of philosophy and law faculty students at the University of Chicago (among them are two of the most prominent political and legal theorist in the world today, Martha Nussbaum and Brian Leiter).  From my [Read More…]

What is Judie Brown talking about?

Recently, a comment showed up on Vox Nova signed by Judie Brown, linking to the American Life League.  We have no reason to doubt that she left the comment, though we did attempt to contact her to verify.  She did not return our emails.  The comment is regarding M.Z.’s post on EWTN’s cowardice in not [Read More…]

What is David Carlin talking about?

I encountered one of the most confused attempts at justifying the Bush administration’s torture debacle courtesy of David Carlin at Inside Catholic.  Not only does Carlin utterly fail to argue successfully for any of his points, his historical analogies are bizarre and his bald attack on the “American Left” will win him points only among [Read More…]

Reflections on 1 Thessalonians

One of my favorite Pauline epistles is 1 Thessalonians. In fact, I see the entirety of Paul’s theology and spirituality rooted in the words of this short encomium to the church at Thessalonica. Whenever I read any letter from the Pauline corpus, I always keep 1 Thessalonians in mind, often employing it as an interpretive [Read More…]

Obama’s first SCOTUS nominee arriving soon

Supreme Court Justice David Souter, appointed by former president George H.W. Bush, will be retiring, which means the long-anticipated first Supreme Court nomination of the Obama administration is around the corner.  I suspect President Obama will be predictable here, presenting to the Senate a non-originalist, pro-Roe nominee.  Of course, I am open to being surprised. [Read more…]

Postmodern Conservative

In case you missed it, there is a new blogging iniative over at First Things called the Postmodern Conservative.  Our own Jonathan Jones is an associate blogger over there, so be on lookout for his posts.  Congratulations, Jonathan! [Read more…]

A campaign promise worth breaking

“The Freedom of Choice Act is not my highest legislative priority.” -President Barack Obama, 4/29/09 press briefing [Read more…]

Mary Ann Glendon refuses Notre Dame Award

For me, it was not a matter of if, but when. Professor Mary Ann Glendon, who has worked closely with the USCCB and the Vatican, has decided to refuse the Laetare Medal and to skip the same commencement.  I think her reasons are good, and I am pleased that she has made this decision.  Below [Read More…]