Happy and Blessed Feast of the Assumption!

Our choir at mass this evening really got into Hail Holy Queen, and so, in honor of our Blessed Mother, I want to share with you the most rocking version of all, from Sister Act: This version is by the Cancioneta Praga.  Peace and all good! Read more

How I Became a Racist

Note: This piece is being reposted, with a few minor edits, from another blog I occasionally contribute to, Broadway Fillmore Alive, based in my first hometown of Buffalo, NY. You can see the original piece here: http://broadwayfillmorealive.org/2.0/2017/08/how-i-became-a-racist/ This is an essay I have been meaning to write for a long time. It is also one that I have avoided writing, possibly for fear of the criticism I know I’ll receive, but mostly due to the difficulty of facing unsavory truths… Read more

Did Your Pastor Say Anything Today about Racism?

It is all over the news, of course:  one dead and 19 injured during a riot by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Between 500 and 1000 white nationalists, neo-Nazis and alt-right supporters, all heavily armed, descended on Charlottesville to “protect their heritage” in the form of a statue of Robert E. Lee that is slated for removal from the newly renamed Emancipation Park.  There were a large number of counter-protestors; details remain sketchy, but it appears that while a few… Read more

Competing Visions

There are two competing visions of what America will be going forward. One of those visions is the more traditional one (I’m being descriptive here — not endorsing it. I think the evidence of history supports overwhelmingly that this vision has been the predominant one for most of that history.) Under this “traditional” vision, The United States was begun by, and has been run for, the benefit of white Europeans, from long before it was an independent nation. The human… Read more

TF46: Hospitality and Transforming Truth

This week Eric and Brett discuss the relationship between Hospitality and the Transforming Truth of the Gospel. Are name tag Sundays, handshakes at the door and coffee after Mass the ‘magic bullets’ of evangelization? Do we need to be wary of sharing the truth of the gospel for fear of scaring off potential seekers? We’ll look at the place of an authentic Christian Hospitality in the Church’s evangelizing mission and share a couple of our own transforming encounters with Jesus… Read more

TF45: The Archdiocese of Regina Lay Formation Program – A Homily from Archbishop Don Bolen

This week we have a special treat for your summer enjoyment – a homily by our Archbishop Donald Bolen delivered on June 10th at the 34th graduation Mass for our Archdiocese of Regina Lay Formation Program! As you may or may not recall, host Eric Gurash has been coordinating this program for the past two years. It’s a program that seeks to give an answer to a great need, expressed by Pope Francis for “well-trained lay people animated by a… Read more

St. Mary Magdalene and John Rutter’s Gloria

When I was in high school, our choir performed a joint concert with a local community choir of two musically contrasting settings of the Gloria: the somewhat darker and gothic arrangement of Francis Poulenc (which is also beautiful and haunting and worth a listen in its own right), and the majestic, fanfarish arrangement (including brass ensemble accompaniment) of John Rutter. The contrast sparked my imagination, as I pictured the two Glorias as a sort of soundtrack to, respectively, the crucifixion… Read more

TF44: Thinking About NFP – Part 2

This week on ‘Thinking Faith!’, Eric and Brett continue their discussion of Natural Family Planning looking more closely at what NFP actually involves, the kinds of healthy conversations that it encourages couples to have in their relationship and we’ll look at the potential NFP has for providing a surprising avenue of spiritual growth for couples and individuals. Due to the program content, you may not want to share this with your kids so find a quiet place or put your… Read more

TF43: Thinking About NFP – Part 1

This week Eric and Brett begin a two-part series on Natural Family Planning. It’s a topic that can result in interesting and animated conversations with family and friends and in parish groups. In the next two episodes, we’ll make some distinctions and clarifications around what NFP is and isn’t as well as our general attitudes towards family, relationships, and sexuality. Due to the program content, you may not want to share this with your kids so find a quiet place… Read more

What is the West?

As the Polish experience reminds us, the defense of the West ultimately rests not only on means but also on the will of its people to prevail and be successful and get what you have to have. The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive. Do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost? Do we have enough respect for our citizens to protect our borders? Do we… Read more

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