As soon as you enter a debate on the topic of global warming, your interlocutor will sooner or later accuse you of proposing policy actions that could have devastating consequences, especially for the poorest and most vulnerable. It’s time, I think, to address this criticism head on with a modicum of vigor. In this, there’s no better starting point than the UK-treasury mandated Stern Review, tasked with considering the costs and benefits of policy actions geared toward reducing greenhouse gas… Read more

“In regards to human vicissitudes, it is not always the mass majority that decides, but the superiority of the moral force that inclines the political balance towards itself.”–Simón BolívarSimón Bolívar (1783-1830), Venezuelan, also called El Libertador (“The Liberator”) was the foremost leader of the fight for independence in Venezuela, Colombia, Perú, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Panamá. His political and moral ideas have shaped the political thought of most of Latin America until the present day. Read more

Finally, it seems that Democrats are getting their act together and starting to discuss the immigration issue in the Senate. Read more

When thinking through the intersection of Catholicism and public policy, you begin to realize how deep and diverse the Church is. I write as a convert, raised in a Texas Southern Baptist household under the formidable and loving guidance of a family of deacons. There are many striking aspects of Catholicism for the former evangelical, including the realization that disagreement among Catholics is frequent, valid, and even desirable. Disagreement about public policy forces the serious person to think through the… Read more

During my last years as a graduate student at Saint Louis University, the university renovated its student center in which was to be found a chapel frequented by many students, oftentimes for a quick prayer between classes or even for a moment of Eucharistic adoration. As seems to be the rage at many Catholic universities and colleges these days, the chapel was demolished and replaced instead with a new multicultural center. In effect, university’s Catholic identity was reduced to only… Read more

Ready for a couple of simple statements?First — Stop all government money that finds its way to the abortion industry and the number of abortions will decrease.Second – but not dealt with in this post: Track back the funding for abortions and block it (with education, social pressure and legal means) and the number of abortions will decrease.Yes, I believe that it will be best when the laws finally change to protect the lives of our unborn babies. (The picture… Read more

Until recently, Frances Kissling was the president of Catholics for a Free Choice, a group claiming that a pro-abortion stance was somehow compatible with Catholicism. Sitting at the polar opposite of the political spectrum, Phyllis Schlafly is a right-wing icon. She founded the Eagle Forum, and was central to derailing the Equal Rights Amendment. Although a Catholic, her worldview owes more to a strong secular nationalist ideology, with shades of American exceptionalism. Schlafly is also a firm believer in the… Read more

In a chapter of his stunning A People’s History of the United States that discusses the rise of the women’s liberation movement in the 1970s, Howard Zinn writes:In the problem of women was the germ of a solution, not only for their oppression, but for everybody’s. The control of women in society was ingeniously effective. It was not done directly by the state. Instead, the family was used — men to control women, women to control children, all to be… Read more

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