The Hand of God at Work.

I’ve always believed there is a certain order to life–that the world turns in a manner that places the people we are supposed to meet, and the life lessons we are supposed to learn, right in front of us.

It is the hand of God at work.

Yet, even with this help from God, it does not mean that we should experience life as spectators. We must be full participants in life, looking for the people and signs that can connect us and direct us, all the while using our gift of intuition as a guide.

I read a business article once that talked to this personal initiative we all must take. It was from someone by the name of Bryan Kovel and it went like this:

Life is a giant coctail party. My job is to work the crowd, because each of these people may hold a clue for the reason of my existence. I reach out to them, and if they’ve got a clue for me I put in the mix. Lessons are usually where you look for them.

The key, as mentioned above, is to look for them. We must live your lives alert and aware, using our intuition to know which experiences, coincidences, and people hold something of importance for us.

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