About the Blog

The scholar Richard Geldard once said “We live in an elevated sense of wisdom only in rare moments.” Wake Up Call is about finding and sharing these moments of wisdom wherever they appear, whether it’s through the stories and philosophies of others or through personal anecdotes. My goal will be to write posts that genuinely stir the soul and awaken the divine spirit that lives within all of us, helping to give the reader a few more clues about the mysteries and meaning of life.

About the Author

I’m Tom Rapsas, a blogger on issues related to everyday spirituality via my Wake Up Call column at Patheos. I’m a long-time spiritual seeker and student of philosophy and religion, and my major influences include Thomas Moore, John Templeton and Ralph Waldo Emerson. I live at the Jersey Shore with my wife, daughter and 8 or 9 cats. A few years ago, I published Life Tweets, a book of inspirational quotes and insights. I just published a new book in late-December 2016, the spiritual fable Thaddeus Squirrel. You can reach me at tomrapsas@gmail.com or via Twitter @TomRapsas.

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