Tony Robbins on Living Your Life in a Beautiful State (of Mind).

In his recent book Unshakeable, the life philosophy guru Tony Robbins lays down the basics on smart financial investing. In a nutshell: stick with index funds, diversify, and invest with your head, not your heart. Yet most interesting for the spiritually inclined are the chapters toward the end of the book where Robbins steers away from financial advice to make an important point: Financial well-being means nothing without mental and spiritual well-being. Robbins uses the following quote by Mahatma Gandhi… Read more

Back to Basics: 5 Essential Rules for Living a Righteous Life

As we grow spiritually, we can sometimes get ahead of ourselves. We may think we’re leading a pristine spiritual life, regularly attending religious services, reading the latest spirituality best-sellers, engaging in a yoga or meditation practice. But we can sometimes forget the basics—the simple daily acts that can enrich our lives and the lives of those around us. I was reminded of this when I picked up a book by someone I consider my spiritual mentor, Sir John Templeton. While… Read more

Finding God in Silence: Centering Prayer in 5 Easy Steps

In silence, we come to know God. The evocative quote above comes from Benjamin Riggs and his book Finding God in the Body where Riggs looks at the elusive nature of God and how and where we might connect with the divine. One way is through a practice that is known as centering prayer, an act that might be thought of as a Christian version of meditation. Centering prayer was originally referred to as contemplative prayer. While its origin may… Read more

The Day Mahatma Gandhi Threw His Sandal Off a Train

Last year, I featured excerpts from several college commencement speeches. This year, I’m focusing on one. It’s a speech by a U.S. senator from my home state, Cory Booker of New Jersey, given to the graduating class at the University of Pennsylvania last month. Booker is an excellent storyteller and he kicked off his speech with a fascinating anecdote about Mahatma Gandhi that I’ll paraphrase below. Mahatma Gandhi had a busy schedule and was often rushing from place to place…. Read more

Take off the mask. Tell your story.

There are two sides to all of us. There is the public-facing side, the person we are at work, at social functions or out and about in our community. And then there’s the side behind the mask, our private side, the place where we keep our innermost beliefs, our hopes and dreams, our fears and struggles, our relationship with God. It’s this private or inner side that is most fascinating. It reveals who we really are, what makes us tick…. Read more

A Total Stranger Left My Friend $250—and the Reason Is Heart-Warming

Imagine opening your mailbox one day and finding an unmarked, sealed plain white envelope inside—containing an unsigned note and $250 in cash. Here’s the story of an act of generosity that may surprise you: Good friends of my family live in a rural section of Maryland, where the houses are few and far between and the roads are narrow. On a windy, trash collection day, one friend (Matt) went to bring in the garbage can only to find the lid… Read more

The magical missing ingredient to a happy life.

Are you happy? Chances are, if I caught you on a good day, you’d probably say yes. But on other days, you might feel as if something was missing, as if there was a small void in your life that you couldn’t quite put your finger on. A magical missing ingredient. This sense of subdued discontentment is one of the many areas author Benjamin Riggs explores in his new book Finding God in the Body. Its subject matter extends well… Read more

Is the cure for our aches, pains and fatigue, right in front of us?

How are you feeling today? Healthy and alert with some pep in your step? Or are you suffering from aches and pains, feeling tired or even mildly depressed? There’s a fellow from a small town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland who may have a cure for what ails you. His name is David Mercier. Mercier’s resume includes a Masters’ degree in acupuncture, two years of study under renowned psychologist Stanislav Grof and a teaching gig as an integrated medicine… Read more

Is the fantastic claim Jesus made about Heaven true?

It’s funny how we usually think of heaven as being in a faraway place, one we can’t reach until after our death. But Jesus left a clue that may indicate heaven is a lot closer than we imagine. If you were brought up in a Christian household like me, from a young age you heard that when someone had passed away they had “died and gone to heaven” which we imagined as a place up in the clouds. It’s an… Read more

Will you meet the 3 criteria to get into Heaven?

Do you consider yourself a Christian? Do you hope to get into heaven one day? I’ve been reading a new translation of the Gospel of Mark and one fact really stands out: the doorway into heaven is pretty narrow. You may know the passage from the Gospel of Matthew that states when it comes to entering heaven, “many are called, but few are chosen.” But within the Gospel of Mark, the eligibility requirements are dialed up a few notches. Jesus… Read more

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