Albert Einstein was once asked to provide “the ultimate explanation of the world”, or what in everyday terms might be called the meaning of life. His response is both humorous and thought provoking: “I can not tell you in words, but I can play it on the violin.” It’s interesting how the ultimate intellectual Einstein explained his beliefs not in language, but in the feeling a violin can evoke. And maybe he’s right. Some things can’t be explained in words,… Read more

Human life is ultimately about a search for meaning, a path to enlightenment–to discovering our true transcendent nature. ~Templeton I go through phases with my spiritual reading, in recent years perusing everything from the Gnostic Gospels to the Kabbalah, from Ralph Waldo Emerson to Shirley MacLaine. But I always return to the philosophies that keep me most grounded, including the works of Napolean Hill, Thomas Moore and John M. Templeton. I recently wrote about Templeton in a post titled The… Read more

Maybe it’s because I’ve passed the 50-year milestone and I’m feeling my own mortality, but I’ve been reading the obituaries lately. Mostly in the New York Times. I specifically look at how old the people were when they died and what they accomplished during their lives. What gets scary is when I see people not much older than me (recent example: Steve Jobs, 56) who have accomplished their life’s work, or at least some part of it, before passing on… Read more

Give joy, hope, courage, something of value, to those you pass and those you come in contact with. ~Ralph Waldo Trine About a year ago, I wrote a story about Sal, an eccentric bus driver who I would run into occasionally on the commute from North Jersey into New York City. As I wrote here on The Inner Way: Unlike any other driver on the line, he was always smiling and gave you a hearty and lyrical “Good morning!” when… Read more

I‘ve worked in New York City for much of the past 20 years, and lived there during the 90’s. On September 11, 2001, I had been out of the city for about a year, so I saw the events unfold second-hand, on TV. But I can still remember how I felt that day. The whole thing felt personal, as if a close family member had been brutalized. I didn’t know anyone who died that day, but a good friend, Jim… Read more

You find what you look for: good or evil, problems or solutions. ~John Marks Templeton  I start most days at 6am stretching out my achy runner’s body. I then pour myself a cup of coffee and for 15 or 20 minutes do some spiritual reading on the sun porch. I’m currently re-reading John M. Templeton’s Worldwide Laws of Life, a thick book of wisdom that helps get me grounded for the day ahead. This reading session is usually a solitary endeavor,… Read more

There’s a dude I pass most days on the way to my office in New York City. He’s always in the same spot, standing curbside by a dark green mailbox, on 40th Street between Madison and Fifth. His name is Roger. (That’s his picture you see here.) He dresses like a long lost member of Parliament-Funkadelic. Colorful scarves and head wraps, flowing coats, sometimes a walking stick and an ever-changing pair of super-cool sunglasses. I suppose he’s a panhandler, of sorts,… Read more

“God is a current that runs through and between all things. The Divine Source resides in everything and everything resides in the Divine Source”. ~Annie Burnside If you’re like me, you’re probably convinced that there’s a divine power in the universe. Whether you call it God or Krishna, Divine Wisdom or Infinite Intelligence, you know that it’s there, because at various times in your life, you’ve felt it right at your core. The tricky part is tapping into this power… Read more

Successful people tend to be highly sexed. ~Napolean Hill One of the more curious chapters in Napolean Hill’s self-help classic Think and Grow Rich is titled: The Mystery of Sex Transmutation. I’m sure it raised a few eyebrows when it was first published in 1937, because it tackles the subject of sex—and how to effectively use it in the workplace. The sober Hill isn’t talking about sleeping your way to the top, but in using “sex emotion” to get ahead in business and in… Read more

Since my daughter was a very small child, I’ve told her fairy tales at night. And even though she is now almost a teenager, she still likes me to tell her the occasional story. What follows is one that I recently pulled out, that will be alluded to in my book Thaddeus Squirrel (coming Fall, 2011). It’s based on a fable I heard many years ago. I wish I could tell you where it originated, but I honestly can’t remember. There’s… Read more

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