Bibliomancy by Annwyn Amar Have you ever been reading a book and feel yourself whisked away to a completely different place or time? Have you ever read a book and a few chapters in have the answer to a problem that has been plaguing you for weeks? Well then you might be a Bibliomancer. I have never met anyone in the pagan community that has said “I don’t like books and I will never read them” in fact it is quite the opposite. If you are like me then you have stacks of books… Read more

Just days after returning home from Kelowna Canada by way of Spokane, I am still riding high on the energy from the amazing ritual, and witches I had met. New and old! Thursday I had packed my bag, armed with ritual items, offerings, and a good book to read. I left for Spokane. The flight was uneventful other than a few interesting points in the book I was reading. I arrived late in the evening, and was picked up by… Read more

  The  Rain walker and I set out on a dry morning a day before the moon was full. It was a hot and dry day but we were so excited. It may have been hot, but it had finally reached a breathable temperature We could finally venture outside without risk of heat exhaustion. We had originally ventured out in search of Cholla but we found so much more!   Cholla is a cactus and very magical plant its covered… Read more

My goodness it has been so long since I have really sat down and blogged. I have truly wanted to be writing. I really enjoy sharing my practice. So the last thing I promised to write about was about the Lizard Legs. I am still working on them. I will be making 2 talisman and will most likely put them up on Etsy. I really enjoy crafting and I seem to have found a niche with bones. I have am… Read more

This summer has been so hot. It could be because we are in Arizona where the temperatures are always above 100 degrees in the summer. I have been incredibly successful in being able to appease my “Capricorn rising” by maintaining several gardens. My nightshades are growing incredibly, and I have baby foxglove that seem to be doing well. There are two new mystery plants in the yard. I am so excited to see what they are. They look like nightshade… Read more

I am pleased to announce that the local Pagan newsletter “A Grain of Sand” has asked me to do a series on Divination. You can find the first installment “Pendulum Divination” here, Enjoy! PENDULUM DIVINATION by Triskele Rose   Divination is the art of seeing the unknown, the interpretations of symbols, the act of crossing the veil to see the unknown.  Since the beginning of time we have craved knowledge, knowledge to understand the present, past and future. When we first think… Read more

I came up with this chant last night in yin yoga during shavasana Ceridwen Chant Ceridwen, Ceridwen Cer-id-wen Ceridwen, Ceridwen Cer-id-wen Dark mother, dark mother Cer-id-wen Dark mother, dark mother Cer-id-wen Cauldron keeper, Cauldron keeper Cer-id-wen Cauldron keeper, Cauldron keeper Cer-id-wen Read more

Magickal Inks! There are always shortcuts to things, and I feel like MOST of what is on the pagan market today are easy simple blends and mixes for the Wicca 101. So my intention is to make quality products, for myself, but also for the community! I want products I know another Witch put time and energy into, so that is what I want to give back! I opened my store on etsy last week, and have decided to start… Read more

I have to say that I slightly regret only being able to stay one day in Wales. The drive there was beautiful, we had to cross a very large bridge to get there, it was interesting because we went over the bridge, and into a thick mist and emerged out the other side into the sun. Very symbolic I thought. Breacon Beacon was magickal, the waterfalls on the side of the road, and the large towering hills that had been… Read more

Old guys house Faery portal? Stourhead was a beautiful accident. We arrived at Stourhead in the rain on day 1. We bought a membership to the National Trust which gave us free access, I was so happy we did because we were only able to go see the Temple of Apollo and then had to leave to make it to our Stonehenge appointment. Beautiful flowers saturated the park Temple of Apollo We returned two days later and stayed for several… Read more

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