Let There Be Peace on Earth!

‘Tis the season!

Once a year our physical mailboxes get more attention than our email inboxes. Here come the Christmas cards!

Oh, the dilemmas! Do we send a picture? Should it include us or just the kids? (Really, does everyone need to know about those extra 10 pounds?) Do we look happy enough? Do we look too happy? How much do we say? What about our struggles? Our accomplishments? How do we sum a year in a card?

We sent my favorite card ever ten years ago—before the digital era (and the arrival of the other half of our family). In my young mom wisdom, I attempted taking the Christmas card picture in the back yard after church since the boys were already dressed up. Clever, huh? They were also tired and hungry. The photo session quickly dissolved into a fight.

I picked up the prints at our local Walgreens, praying that at least one would look decent. One of them just had to show our cute boys, smiling happily, representing our beautiful, problem-less family.

And there it was! The two boys sat, turned to face each other. The younger one had his face twisted in anger as he pinched his brother’s arm. The older one’s arm was raised in mid-air, about to come in for the smack.

And I sent it. After all, that’s who we really are. We are squabbling children, caught between the now and the not yet–awaiting rescue from ourselves, awaiting our Savior.

Inside it read:

The wolf shall also dwell with the lamb,

The leopard shall lie down with the young goat,

The calf and the young lion and the fatling together;

And a little child shall lead them.

Isaiah 11:6

Maybe Isaiah should have included, “Small boys will play happily together.”

The grandparents were a little horrified at the card, but our young parent friends thought it was hilarious. More than one friend confided, “I loved your card! It’s still on the fridge.” They could all relate. Isn’t it marvelous to know we are not alone and that someday relief will come? One day the lion will play with lamb and a little child shall lead them.

He is coming! Hallelujah! Merry Christmas!

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