A Nagging Problem

Are you a nag?

Women are known to “nag” more than men, probably because we’re more often in charge of the many details of home and family life.  But this article from the Wall Street Journal bluntly states, nagging can be as harmful as adultery to a marriage.  It’s a great reminder to take a deep breath and be fair to your spouse when you’re expressing your needs.  And, the tips at the end of the article are a helpful way to reset the vicious cycle of badgering and avoidance.

I really hate to be a nag…but you should read it.

  • Empathologicalism

    It clearly states women nag more than men.

    test….try positing that fact in a mixed forum of Christians, men and women.

    here is the women’s response

    “But my husband nags more than I do, this study cannot be true therefore”

    These anecdotal driven responses are major road blocks to relationship as well as the nagging.

    If a man asks his wife about nagging, dollars to donuts her response will be something like “I havent nagged you all weekend”…..when he was not TALKING about the weekend, he was talking in general

    These communication tips need to be written about, because right now the status que is women are the communicators and men must learn to communicate like women…there is no celebration of nor teaching of male communication to help meet in middle.