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Join me in a collective sigh as we remember the irony of college graduation. For me, the irony: years of self-absorbed study, lectures, writing, scheduling, traveling, and planning culminated in some sort of misguided confidence. Truly, I had never felt more intelligent at a time I was actually so ignorant and so ill-prepared. Ignorant about living, serving, loving, giving, surviving.

Four years in the academia bubble will leave a gal quite immature. If anyone can look that immaturity right in its big ole ugly face, it is C.S. Lewis.

Please read what happened when a mom who gave a bleeeeeeep gave Lewis to a wandering boy. (Disclaimer: that boy, my brother, is now a man, husband, father to three (almost four!), and servant of The Big Daddy.)

He writes:

A small gift changed the trajectory of my life about ten years ago. While studying art at college, a friend’s mom gave me a book by C.S. Lewis that pierced my conscience so directly, that I found myself with two choices:

  • begin the hard, dishonest work of ignoring it, or
  • acknowledge the truth I’d just encountered and align my actions with my belief.

The most ingenious thing about C.S.Lewis’ Mere Christianity is that it appeals to the one thing every reader has first-hand experience with: their own human nature. I believe Lewis’ ability to walk his readers through the reasonableness of faith could change the lives of others, just as it’s changed mine.

To put this belief to the test, I’ve started the Chewy Lewis Project, which aims to put Mere Christianity in the hands of 1000 college students. I plan to fund the project (buying books to give away) with revenue from the sale of artwork inspired by C.S. Lewis’ writing, so once the project gets momentum, it will be self-sustaining.

Your help in getting it off the ground and in front of others could result in hundreds of young adults being exposed to logical Truth for the first time in their lives. Here’s a link to the Indiegogo campaign




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