Perfectionism CURED!

If you struggle with perfectionism like I do, come on over to Whole Mama and see how a paper I wrote at age eight spoke to me from my memento box. … [Read more...]

Google, How Do I Deal With Bratty Kids?

What do you do when your friend's child is a brat? Come on over to Whole Mama and let's chat about it. … [Read more...]

How To Create a Prodigal 101

 1.  First, students, remember to major on minors:  Make no differentiation between social guffaws and moral absolutes.  In fact, invert your response if possible--For commandment-breaking acts, throw up your hands and say, Oh, she didn't actually mean to lie.  And, for matters of indifference,  go bat-crud-crazy: HOW DARE YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT SHOES, and so on and so forth.2.  Concern yourself with externals like 'modesty' over internals like 'a growing resentment that wi … [Read more...]

The Hypocrisy of Oprah Magazine

Admission:  I like O magazine.I sneak it into my cart when Ian isn't looking.  I check it out at the library when he is, but under a pile of biographies.  When he discovers issues hidden under dirty laundry in the bathroom, he chides me:  Ames, if you want this, let's just get a subscription.But, of course, I can't admit that I want it.  In Reformed circles, Oprah is on par with Deepak Chopra...Feministic.  Edgy.  Man-hating.  Liberal.  Touchy-feely.   Do you blame me for shying aw … [Read more...]

I Found Jesus in the Thrift Store

I can't count the number of times I have gone into one or another of my favorite thrift stores in search of something and, despite a mountain of junk, found it.One time we were invited to a black tie cancer research fundraiser and I had nothing formal to wear, nor did I want to spend hundreds of dollars on something I would wear for only one night.  As I walked into our ARC thrift store, I silently prayed, "Okay, God, you know what I need, help me out here."  An hour later I had found no l … [Read more...]

A Letter to Bristol Palin

Hey Bristol,You don't know me, nor do I know you.  I don't even know much about your mother or her politics, having been scarred in childhood by parents who were so politically active dinner was sometimes forgotten.  I've never even watched Dancing with the Stars.All I know is that you are a woman, a daughter, a sister, and now, a mother--one without a husband, with all the stigma that brings.It's funny, isn't it, how quick the world is to point fingers at public sins?  Being pr … [Read more...]

Why Tribute Bands and Other Imitators Should Give Up

A few weeks ago Ian and I went to see an ABBA tribute band.  He was super excited because his family cut their musical teeth on ABBA back in the 70s.  I was slightly less excited because I grew up on hymns and Mozart and only know of ABBA because I had to sign this agreement to like them when I married into the family.  But I like Super Trouper, so off we went.The experience was (how to put this delicately?) less than thrilling.  Yes, they looked like ABBA.  Yes, they played all the best know … [Read more...]

Even Champions Need Champions

My seven-year-old son, Cooper, and I had a Rocky marathon in December and it changed his life.For Christmas he got a speed bag which he regularly tries to tear out of the wall with his vicious punches.  He figured out how to play Eye of the Tiger on the piano with one finger.  We walked in one night to find he'd pushed the two couches together, put on his gym shorts, taken off his shirt, and queued up the Rocky theme on the stereo.  Guess who was fighting that night?We all remember being … [Read more...]