Humans and Kings

The king's heart is like channels of water in the hand of the LORD; He turns it wherever He wishes. Proverbs 21:1In my own small world I am in survival mode. Struggling to keep the souls in my home fed, loved, clothed. Juggling the two-yr-old’s numerous therapy sessions. Striving to teach young children to learn, to question, to read, to not pick their noses in public, to write, to reason, to love, to get dirty clothes in the hamper. Wondering about the fate of our 401K. Longing to get a h … [Read more...]

When you need art…

Join me in a collective sigh as we remember the irony of college graduation. For me, the irony: years of self-absorbed study, lectures, writing, scheduling, traveling, and planning culminated in some sort of misguided confidence. Truly, I had never felt more intelligent at a time I was actually so ignorant and so ill-prepared. Ignorant about living, serving, loving, giving, surviving.Four years in the academia bubble will leave a gal quite immature. If anyone can look that immaturity right … [Read more...]

On Grilled Cheese and God

“How do you like your grilled cheese? Crispy? Gooey?” It is culinarily pitiful that I had to ask my husband of fourteen years this question tonight. It’s literarily pitiful that the quoted question is now in a blog post. It’s just plain frightening that I make up words. Just work with me here, people.So you’re stuck on the why-were-we-having-fancy-grilled-cheese-for-supper part? It’s complicated. Don’t judge me. Well, you can if you need to.Tell me it’s not a beautiful thing the way you k … [Read more...]

Diagnosis: Not Afraid

My third child, a son, has a diagnosis looming in his future.We carried him out of a Russian orphanage nine months ago. He just turned two and is delayed. We have been immersed in the strange underworld of therapy. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, developmental therapy, speech therapy – It’s a creative world where everyone has ideas, many disagree, no one has answers. Lots of trial. Lots of error. It’s a grand experiment. Everyone keeps telling me early intervention is key. So, we work … [Read more...]

Funerals, Pink Floyd, and Mascara

Today I wore regular mascara (not water-proof) to a funeral for an 18-yr-old boy. When will I learn? Don’t answer that.This handsome fellow was killed in a spring break car accident. So, you are tempted to read over that sentence and put him in the college spring break box, right? Mmmm hmmmm, heard that same old story before. Except, this kid was on his way to do mission work. And he was hit while helping another motorist who had been rear-ended. He is what is known in the mothering world as … [Read more...]

Bossy Christmas

I have been really silent here at What She Said. I get really quiet when I’m wrestling.Major indicator you need an attitude adjustment: Your six-year-old son asks, “Mama, why don’t you like Christmas?” Oh, my. Is it that obvious? I suppose if you are short with answers, too busy to play, and constantly asking, “Now, where did I put my coffee?” a sharp boy will notice.Having children has forced my Christmas wrestling to a new level. And this year my schedule doesn’t permit time for Chr … [Read more...]

To Yes Ma’am or Not to Yes Ma’am

 There are the “Yes, ma’am” moms, and then there are the rest of us. (Do you ever get the feeling I’m here to make you feel good about your parenting? I’m happy to provide this service for you.) My ears perk up when I hear a kid answer, “Yes, ma’am.” Their mom has it going on. Their dad is in this parenting marathon. This kid probably does chores, without grumbling. Probably adores his grandparents. Probably looks out for siblings. Probably works for his spending money. Probably plays vi … [Read more...]

All the Good Mothers Are Doing It

I’m ready for a Southern Living moment in my tiny, charming retro kitchen. My eager children are smiling in their tiny aprons. Little chubby, willing hands wait patiently for instruction. All ingredients are perfectly and prettily measured into stylish prep bowls – you know, in that annoying way they do on cooking show segments. (I particularly get a culinary kick out of the way they put the finished dish in the oven and the second oven already has a finished dish in it. Hark!) My children even e … [Read more...]