Extraordinary Miracles and Ordinary Wednesdays

Losing a child is every mother’s biggest fear. It’s a fear that Laura Clark faced on February 27, 2002, when her two-month-old son Wesley was found in his crib, not breathing. Despite emergency workers' every effort, he died of SIDS at 1:06 that afternoon.Laura and her husband, Colby, were devastated, but throughout it all they felt God’s grace and love. They were utterly humbled a year later when, despite the odds, Laura delivered a healthy baby girl on February 27, 2003, at 1:06 p.m., exact … [Read more...]

A Life Well Lived

My former pastor had an unusual Mother's Day tradition. Every year as he prepared his Mother's Day sermon, he would call Dr. Leila Denmark, the oldest known practicing pediatrician in the country, and ask if she would give advice to the mothers in our congregation. I believe she told us to love our children well . . . and maybe not to feed them too much sugar (something she did not eat and she lived to be 114!).So it was with sadness that I learned of her passing last week. The world lost a … [Read more...]

Fairest of Them All

Julia Roberts. In college I loved her chick flicks. Pretty Woman. Steel Magnolias.So it felt a little odd to take my daughters to see a Julia Roberts flick. It was even stranger to realize that in Mirror, Mirror, a comic take on Snow White, Julia is, um, not the Pretty Woman. Yes, she is still beautiful, but she plays the aging beauty—the stepmother who is losing her powers. And, oh yeah, she’s just a little bit older than me.Ouch.I admit as a child I was not much of a critical rea … [Read more...]

Are you a True Believer… or GCB?

Bristol Palin lit up the web this week with her demand that President Obama apologize to her for his supporter’s extremely crass remarks about her and her family. Her complaint resonated – it was shared 128,000 times on Patheos (temporarily shutting down the entire site), was on the front page of FoxNews, and was discussed by the likes of Wolf Blitzer, Sean Hannity, Greta Van Susteren, and even Perez Hilton. Why did so many people have such a strong reaction to her post?As a conservative Chr … [Read more...]

Once Upon a Time

I once read a fairy tale about a land where no one had any extended family—no aunts, no uncles, no cousins. They did not even have brothers or sisters. The evil prince had outlawed siblings because he did not think he got his fair share of things when he was a child.In the whole land, no one had ever fought over who got the top bunk, or whether to go swimming or to the movies, or what they should eat for supper.No one ever screamed, “No fair! She got more ice cream!”No one ever found … [Read more...]

Technology, Our Blessing/Our Curse: a Reflection on “Living into Focus” by Arthur Boers

Hey What She Said readers!  Come on over to our sister blog, "What She Read" to find out about a new book by Arthur Boers about technology and distraction.  Confession: I was thinking about this book review while sitting in Bible study while texting my friend. Does this mean I have a technology problem?Read the review here. … [Read more...]

We Could Have Had It All

Death rocks us. It makes us face who we are, who we are not, and who we wish we were. Even as we avoid it, death makes us yearn for transcendence: both for a belief in the hereafter and for assurance that we have accomplished something that will allow us not to be forgotten.We were at a Mexican restaurant with friends when I happened to glance at the big screen TV and saw that Whitney Houston had passed away. Sadly, I did not need to hear the news reports to know what how she died. The story … [Read more...]

Everything He Needs to Know . . .

In big cities across the country, parents spend February anxiously awaiting acceptance letters. Getting into college is a huge deal, right?But wait, I’m talking about kindergarten. Everyone knows that your child’s kindergarten experience—what school they attend, their age when you send them, and how they perform—makes or breaks them, right? Those Ivy League aspirations you had for junior? They’re being determined right now.I had never really been concerned about kindergarten. The children … [Read more...]