Who is Amazing Grace, Anyway?

Unfortunately, a nasty stomach bug got the best of my nine year-old son William this past weekend.  I found myself sitting with him as he lounged in and out of sleep in front of the TV.  During his sickness, he was so calm, reasonable and responsible - eating a dry toast dinner without complaint, making quick beelines to the bathroom, and showing gratitude with multiple “thank you Mom’s” when I brought him meager sustenance and plenty of liquids.But somewhere around his tenth sweet “thank you … [Read more...]

Are You Enjoying Every Single Moment?

If you’re a parent, how many well-intentioned people have come up to you (usually when you’re frantically trying to pay for your groceries before you and/or your children explode) and said, “I hope you’re enjoying every second, it goes by so fast."Every second?  Really??Glennon Melton writes in Don't Carpe Diem in The Huffington Post:But last week, a woman approached me in the Target line and said the following:“Sugar, I hope you are enjoying this.  I loved every single second of … [Read more...]

Justin Bieber’s Biggest Fan

Like many victims, she didn’t tell anybody about her years of sexual abuse.  When she was a teenager, she resorted to drugs and alcohol to numb her pain.  She left home at fifteen, lived in a house with a bunch of guys, became a thief, and skipped school.  By the time she was seventeen, she was so desperate she tried to violently take her own life by running onto a busy street in front of a truck.Fortunately, the driver swerved and the girl landed in a psychiatric ward instead of the morg … [Read more...]

Best Wishes

I recently learned through Facebook an old friend of mine from my elementary school days has cancer.Before her surgery last week, she posted,There is a time for every thing and a season for every activity under the heavens (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Time for you all to be praying! Thank you!The comments and “likes” came pouring in.  I’m sure this friend, a wife and mother, who looks gorgeous, vibrant and exactly the same as I remember her, is buoyed by the well wishes, outpouring of lov … [Read more...]

Do Orcs Play a Role in Your Family Traditions?

I grew up with very few traditions.  Though my parents were born and raised in China, we didn’t celebrate the Chinese New Year with lanterns, moon cakes, feasting or the fastidious cleaning of the house to sweep away the evil spirits (you could eat off my mom’s floors every day of the year!).  They decided they’d raise their children as “American” as they could and in the process, didn’t pass much Chinese culture along to their three children – all of us are sadly unilingual and didn’t pass along … [Read more...]

Christmas Without Papa

This was our second Christmas without Papa.  He died on December 22, 2010.He was a Santa Claus-like grandpa with a  jolly laugh, rotund belly, twinkle in his eye and great appreciation for his “perfect” grandchildren.  Our four kids adored him and he adored them back.  They could feel it the instant he carefully held them as newborns, caressing their perfect fingers and toes and from every moment thereafter.  Through the years he gave them big embracing hugs and his undivided time, encour … [Read more...]

Between Scarcity and Excess

I wore a scratchy red and black plaid dress, uncomfortable white nylon tights and stiff black patent Mary Janes, but my discomfort was no match for my jittery anticipation.  I was six years old, and my family was headed to my father’s company Christmas party.  There was probably music, food, desserts and games, but what I remember most is the brilliantly ornamented tree and the gifts sitting under its branches.  Late in the evening, way too late by my account, the adults called us to the tree in … [Read more...]

Annoying Christmas Presents? I’m All For Them!

Leave a comment below and you'll be eligible to win a DVD copy of either The Lion King or Dumbo (please state your preference).I love giving presents better than receiving them.Really.There’s a certain delight that comes when I find the perfect gift and I realize, “I’ve nailed it.” Maybe it’s something you’d never get for yourself or didn’t know you desperately needed.  Maybe it’s something that’s purely fun and so whimsical it makes everyone laugh.  Maybe it’s a sentimental photograp … [Read more...]