Dear Hallmark, Can We Please Have Our Sunday Back?

Ok, it is confession time… I don’t love Mother’s day. Before you think I need years of therapy, hear me out. Is it because I miss my mom who died too young?  Probably so.  But, I think it also has to do with the intense – yet highly imperfect – love I have for my own kids. Come to think of it – it’s probably a combination of both.So, I compose some version of the same letter in my head every Mother’s Day: Dear Hallmark, Could we please have our Sunday back? See, on the very day when so many … [Read more...]

Tuesday’s Book Giveaway

Head on over to our sister site - What She Read - for a book giveaway every day this week. … [Read more...]

A Simple Question from My Son

I ran across an old Christmas letter today and I remember the situation like it was yesterday.We are Christmas shopping and my son, Samuel is sitting in the buggy of the cart. I believe he is three years old.“Mommy, does Jesus come down off the cross to help us when we are hurt or scared?”Forget the gifts.  These are the moments parents live for.I’m thinking about how often I want comfort outside of Jesus’ work on the cross. How quick I am to seek a different Jesus –one that requi … [Read more...]