Why I got Soap in my Mouth Yesterday

Yesterday I got soap in my mouth.It’s been rough around here lately.  Between too many activities, squeezing my parents for 4 weeks into a house that already felt slightly too tight, and the general emotional chaos of raising a 15, 13 and 11 year old, the words that have been flying in our house are way too salty and way too rude.Of course, apples don’t fall far from the tree, so what should I expect?Sometime in my own tweenhood, I paged through my baby book, a white cracking leather … [Read more...]

Welcoming Advent, or the Necessity of Cheap Chocolate

“It’s so unfair, how come the Advent chocolate calendar doesn’t start on the first day of Advent?” one of my kids whined.  “And how come you’re too cheap to buy the Whole Foods calendar instead of the Trader Joes one?”Advent, the season of waiting for the coming of God, officially began this past Sunday on November 27th.  I’m thrilled because this year’s the longest Advent season possible with Christmas on a Sunday.  But my kids had to go chocolate-less for 4 full days.Tonight they wi … [Read more...]

Chinese Thanksgiving, Hawaiian Style

29 years ago Mama burst into tears at our dinner table. “This is our last Thanksgiving together as a family.”I rolled my eyes as only mature 17 year old seniors can, “Oh Mom. . .”But she was right.I haven't spent Thanksgiving with my parents since then. . . until now.  My parents flew in from Honolulu this morning.So much has changed.Growing up, Mama called us orphans because we had no extended family in Hawaii.  So my parents invited all the “orphans” they could find for Than … [Read more...]

Jesus and the Helicopter Mom

On Monday, I led our church’s Mom-to-Mom group through a Bible study on the helicopter mom of the Bible.  Guess who?No, not Rebekah, the mother of Esau and Jacob—she sure helicoptered, but she also was so dysfunctional with her strong preference for one son and scheming against the other that I didn’t think she was very helpful.IMHO, the helicopter mom of the Bible is (drum roll please. . .) Salome, the mother of the disciples James and John, the wife of a prosperous fisherman, Zebedee, a … [Read more...]