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Elderly Man Reacts to Hearing Music from his Era

This really touched me, and should be an encouragement to you musicians. Read more on the Faith and Family ChannelA Poignant Moment for MeThe Joy of Pretty ThingsWhat It Was Like to Co-Write Bristol Palin's MemoirA Military Wife's Letter to her Local Church … [Read more...]

This is How Tim Tebow Does Easter

When ten thousand people showed up to hear him speak. … [Read more...]

This Easter, Don’t Settle for Cigarette Smoke

How should parents deal with the Easter bunny, fuzzy chicks, and the cross? … [Read more...]

Team Bella or Team Katniss? It’s Not Even Close

The Hunger Games series -- about a girl taken from home to participate in annual games which will result in almost certain death -- have been called the “new Twilight.” Both of these movie franchises come from best selling books aimed at teenagers, both have female lead characters, both have love triangles, and both have parents wrangling with suitability for their kids.However, I said no to Twilight and yes to Hunger Games for my kids, and here’s why.First, our culture needs more Katni … [Read more...]

Texas Christians Raise Money for Atheist Activist’s Eye Care

 Anna, do you think GBC might cover this in an episode? A Texas atheist who earlier this year fought to ban religious symbols on government property in his town is reportedly "flabbergasted" that Christians have offered to help him pay his bills.The Tyler Morning Telegraph is reporting that Christians in Henderson County have raised around $400 to help Patrick Greene, an atheist who is at risk of going blind in one eye due to a detached retina.Greene, a former Air Force officer … [Read more...]

Love, Marriage, Baby Carriage, Cancer

I didn’t get a chance to write about an issue I know has been burning in many of your minds: This season’s finale of The Bachelor was one of the worst finales in the show’s history of bad finales. The season seemed to end on a high note — on a mountain, with Ben Flajnik, down on his knee asking Courtney Robertson to be his wife. So far, so good. Immediately following that episode, however, ABC aired The Bachelor: After the Final Rose. In an ideal world, this means that we get to see the couple fi … [Read more...]

Maker of Kony 2012 Video Has Naked Meltdown

Nobody wakes up in the morning and says, "What should I do today? What about getting completely naked and take a walk in broad daylight?"So, I'm not sure what caused this, but the maker of the viral sensation of the Kony 2012 video (which Steve Haas wrote about last week) apparently had some sort of meltdown. According to eye witnesses (and a few unfortunate camera phone videos), Jason Russell was:"spewing out f-bombs and screaming about the iPhone, its digital assistant, Siri, and … [Read more...]

Headline of the Week

From Greg Pollowitz:Maryland Parents Forget Child, 3, at Chuck E. Cheese, Realize It by Watching TV News … [Read more...]