iPad Meets Coke Dispenser

Okay, I know that Steve is encouraging us to take care of the homeless, Paul is telling us that we don't have soul mates, and Rebecca is talking about Margaret Thatcher.However, I had to interrupt these important message to tell you about the most awesome fast food development since McDonald's started taking credit cards and Chick-Fil-A started using those enormous ketchup packets.Last night at Wendy's, I saw this new type of drink dispenser.  (Is this what people in larger cities have … [Read more...]

Can Men and Women be “Just Friends?”

The age old question answered in just one YouTube clip.  … [Read more...]

The Hazards of Being a Wal-Mart Greeter

Why would the greeter ask me for my receipt?  Did I look like a thief?Read about an incident that happened over four years ago at my local Wal-Mart, and why the greeter's response to my rudeness shocked me. … [Read more...]

How to Have a Sane Family Christmas

Before you gripe at your mom, or resent the expensive presents your rich brother-in-law buys, read this. … [Read more...]

Santa Truthers

If you're teaching your kids about Santa, you're afraid that your children will meet one of those kids in school or on the playground.  You know the kind... the ones who purposefully burst the holiday bubble by telling everyone Santa is a conspiracy theory at worst or a myth at best?On the flip side, if you're not raising kids who believe in the big fat man with the red suit, you fear your kids will be the one to ruin it for the rest of the class.How should we -- as parents -- deal with … [Read more...]

Be Fruitful and Multiply

Rabbi Eliyahu Yaakov writes this about children: Their first-nature is based on us.This is one reason why the biblical verse says "be fruitful and multiply"—"be fruitful" means to have kids; "multiply" means that you are multiplying. By you having children, there are going to be more yous in the world—more people walking around with your values, your thoughts, your attitudes, your actions, and your reactions.You are making carbon copies of yourself.Therefore, being a parent isn't abo … [Read more...]

The New Definition of “Equality”

... is “men and women are equal — except for all the ways in which women are superior.”Carrie Lukas asks, is this the best way to raise our sons? … [Read more...]

Drumroll, Please

Though the women on this blog are not professional book reviewers, we do enjoy reading, we value books, and  we want to be able to tell the world when a story really touched us.  (Or, less frequently, when one didn’t.)  Please join us as we tackle life, one page at a time… at our new "sister" blog to "What She Read!" … [Read more...]