Parenting in the Age of Facebook

Have y'all seen this video? This dad has some serious consequences for his smart mouth teen. It's long....but there's a huge payoff at the end.Be aware: There is some profanity in the video, primarily from the teen in question.What do you think? Too far or just right? … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk About Race, Baby: They All Look the Same

Last week, I wrote a tiny bit about my experience being a white girl in an African-American neighborhood. When different types of people rub elbows, everyday interactions take on extra significance. I’m going to tell you two interactions.My daughter, a preschooler at the time, was the only white girl in her ballet class. Previously, my daughter had taken ballet in a more racially mixed class from a teacher named Mrs. Balter over on the other side of town. But why would I drive and fight for p … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk about Race, Baby: A White Girl Experiences Minority

As Black History Month dawns, I thought I would write some honest reflections of race relations from personal experience.That shouldn’t be a problem, right?In 1999, my husband and I, both white as pound cake with vanilla sauce, moved with our baby son to Washington DC’s Capitol Hill, a neighborhood just east of the US Capitol. We lived there for 10 years. A hatred of long commutes dictated that we move near the Capitol. A limited budget meant we bought a house in a “transitional” neighbo … [Read more...]

Twiggy Female Action Stars: Are They too Frail to Believe?

We've all read lots of posts about body image and the impossible ideals in women's magazines and movie screens. Over at my movie blog, Tinsel, I share some good news. In the upcoming action flick "Haywire," the female lead, Gina Carano, has some muscles on her bones and some pep in her kick. … [Read more...]

New New Year’s Resolution and It’s NOT Stop Procrastinating

I've finally come up with my New Year's Resolution. Seeing as how it is currently, technically, January 17, it should probably be "stop procrastinating."But it's not.It's Pay Attention.Pay attention to my email and my calendar. Pay attention to the dust under the couch and the dog's walking. To the book I've always wanted to write and the web site I'm building.Pay attention to my kids, to their rumbling tummies and missing shoes. To their essays and concerts and plays and soccer … [Read more...]

Closet Math: Defining ‘Enough’ in Order to Do Good

Like any self-respecting, globally conscious, middle class white girl, I feel guilty about the things I have. I try not to think about children in Kenya as I slip on my Kenneth Cole boots or homeless Americans as I prance around in my Lucky Brand jeans.I give to charity, but I don’t want to look like a street person myself. Is there middle ground between excess and deprivation?The answer might just be in controlling the closet and raising your standards. Yes, I said raising. Come with me … [Read more...]

Tebow and Roethlisberger: God’s Quarterbacks

Did you watch yesterday's nailbiter playoff game between the Denver Broncos and the Pittsburgh Steelers?By  now, every American not actually living under a rock knows about the faith of Tim Tebow. But what about Steelers quaterback Roethlisberger, a fellow Evangelical who was accused of sexual assault in 2010? His less trumpeted story of redemption is the flip side of Evangelicalism, argue Patheos's own Patton Dodd and David Kuo in Sunday's Washington Post. They write: Tebow and … [Read more...]

Dear Katy Perry, It’s Time to Come Home

An open letter to Katy Perry and others like her: We want you back.Dear Katy,I’m genuinely sorry for your sorrow as your husband Russell Brand filed for divorce last week. I’ll admit, the jaded, cynical part of me saw your relationship as a publicity merger. The better part of me, the small idealistic part, was rooting for you and your man. It still does for all celebrity marriages, despite frequent disappointment.I’m sure that you are experiencing heartbreak right now. The disso … [Read more...]