11 Things for Which I am Grateful in 2011

1) Seven trees tower over our house- majestic white oaks and enormous tulip poplars. When the wind blows, they sing.2) Taco Bell. The love affair continues. Seriously, have you tried the steak chalupa supreme? If loving it is wrong, I don't want to be right.3) The Internet. When I got this weird insect bite on my thigh (there were three puncture spots...how does that happen?)...the internet. When I needed a recipe for Asian Maple Salmon...the internet. When I got curious about ancient p … [Read more...]

The Case of the Missing Books

So it's a Friday morning in the recent past. My oldest, The Solicitor (TS), is zipping along, getting ready to ride his bike to school with some friends.  It's also the Pink Goth's birthday. (PG is my middle child, a girl. If you want to know why we call her that, read this post.)Somehow we have set a standard of three cake events for birthdays. One at school (usually cupcakes), one at home that night (decorated by siblings) and one at the party (requiring licensed characters and/or c … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Library Fugitive

I am wanted by the library.I have three kids. And I want to do right by them, you know? Which, apparently, according to all the "experts" like "teachers" and "social services" means schlepping them to the library regularly.Let's call my oldest The Solicitor because he can talk the hind legs off a mule. Not that we have a mule. I guess he'll have to talk the hind legs off his brother. He loves his cell phone, My Life is Average, and his mom. In that order. Actually, he'd probably put a … [Read more...]

Of Grandmothers and Daughters

In my basement was a box. In that box was a sweater belonging to my grandmother, gone these nine years. In the pocket of that sweater was this list. And for a moment, she was standing right next to me.More than anything, it was the handwriting that brought Nonny back to me, but also the very her-ness of the list. Bacon bits. Vodka. Tonic. She and my grandfather were very Mad Men, drinking a cocktail or several each night. I can hear her quiet giggles still, as she laughed at my … [Read more...]