Missing Christmas

When I told my friends and colleagues in Atlanta that I would be visiting India until December 28th, the reaction I received was almost unanimous:  “You’re going to miss Christmas?!” they would say in a tone that sounded as shocked as it did sympathetic.  “I’m so sorry,” they would continue, or, “That’s too bad.”  I heard this over and over again from everyone from people at church to the lady at the airport ticket counter when I checked in for my flight.I’m sure these people meant well, … [Read more...]

The Day I Grew Up

My mom was 29 weeks pregnant, and I was a spunky six-year-old.  It was a Sunday, so my mom and I were in the morning church service (typical).  My dad was out of town on business (also typical).  It was November 11, 1990.The kind ushers had just taken up the offering, and that day I had emptied my piggy bank of all my coins.  Just a few moments after the offering plate passed by, I looked down and my mom was sitting in a pool of blood… it was all over her, the pew and the floor.  I was horrif … [Read more...]