Pools: A Travelling With Children Must Have

"Can we go to the pool tonight, mom?""But you just spent four hours in the ocean.""I know.  But I just really, really want to go to the pool after dinner."Hence my numero uno tip for traveling with children:#1 - Stay somewhere with a pool.(Today is day three of my Traveling With Children series. Read Day One here and Day Two here.)Staying somewhere with a pool may not seem like much to the uninitiated, but I cannot stress this enough.  My kids have been through hours and h … [Read more...]

Whether Or Not You Are Traveling

When we returned from a monthlong trip to China in 2010, people were eager to hear what the boys thought.  They all asked some version of the question, "What was your favorite part of the trip."Zach's answer never changed: "I got a wallet."Well then, that was worth many thousands of dollars, right?Last week, I started a series of posts on traveling with children by listing my top ten tips.  This week and next, I'll expand on each tip. I'm kicking it off tonight with:#4 - Go with a … [Read more...]

Traveling With Children

When Ezra was two and Zach was three, we went to a squatter's village in Mexico and, working with the people living there, we cleaned the school each morning for a week.   While the poverty of the village - the living conditions, the prospects of its residents, all of those awful malnourished dogs running everywhere - weighed heavily on me, my kids felt no such burden.  They couldn't believe how awesome the place was.  There were crazy dogs running wild, kids running barefoot and playing for ho … [Read more...]

I cannot stop thinking about Whitney.

Everyone else may have moved on, but I cannot stop thinking about Whitney.I've been unable to sleep several nights as I lay awake thinking about her.  I get distracted in the middle of Spanish class only to realize I am thinking about her. I can't stop thinking about Whitney, and about how wrong it is that she is not alive.It's just wrong, and I can't stand it.  I want to turn back the clock, pour her a cup of coffee and sit with her through the dark night.  Because things can get better … [Read more...]

Waking Up

We're on sabbatical in Costa Rica for three months.  We've been here for four days, and I'm pooped.I know, I know.  Poor me.  Living at the beach, dancing merengue, practicing my Spanish, and hanging out with my kids and husband.  Three months of rest, relaxation, and fun.  What kind of ingrate complains about that?And I'm not complaining, really.  It's just that I find it exhausting.If I'm not pumped up on the adrenaline that comes from not knowing how I am going to finish the multi … [Read more...]

Why White Parents Don’t Talk About Race

When Zach started pre-school and I asked him who he liked to play with, he pointed at two boys and shouted, "I like to play with the black boys the best! But the black boys get in a lot of trouble."I rushed him away from the playground and hoped no one had heard him talking about two of the African American boys in his class. The next day, when Zach pointed at one of the same boys and told me that he had a great time playing with the "blue boy," I realized that he was referring to the color … [Read more...]

One Of Them

 A few years ago, sitting in the park with a group of hip, Cambridge mommas, I was feeling insecure.  These mothers are playwrights, and artists, and very, very Cambridge.  They are fun and liberal and like Margaritas.  And in spite of the fact that I’m politically liberal, I’m usually fun, and I always like Margaritas, I was afraid they wouldn’t think that I was one of them.Why? Because I love Jesus and believe the whole, crazy Jesus story.  Which I know is weird.  But it … [Read more...]

Homeschool Wars

Homeschool wars?  Really?  Don't we already have enough wars? Last week, I wrote a post about the primary reason our family homeschools - namely, that we want to spend more time together and enjoy the closeness and lifestyle that comes with that.  While many people appreciated the post, others (both on this blog and other venues) took issue with either my casualness about the importance of homeschooling or the prideful way I suggested homeschooling is the only way. What is it about hom … [Read more...]