Do you review?

I was intrigued by this post by fellow memorist Theo Pauline Nestor, where she describes how she completes an annual review to get a better idea of how she's spent her time over the course of the year and how much she has (or hasn't) accomplished.  Yesterday morning, I decided to give it a try......and it changed my ENTIRE PERSPECTIVE on 2011.  I know, I know...sounds like an exaggeration. I promise, it's not.  Here's why:Steve and I have had a...well, adventurous year.  The highs were fu … [Read more...]

Q’s for an Annual Review

Here are some questions to get you started on an annual review.  I've adapted them fromTheo Pauline Nestor, and tried to word them in a way that is flexible enough to apply to different life stages.  One suggestion: Once you start, push yourself to keep going all the way through.  This can be overwhelming, even when it's encouraging.  It's worth the effort to soldier on!1.  What have you worked on this year for project/job/role #1?2. If you have a second project/job/role, what have you wo … [Read more...]


A few nights ago I attended a reading by a new novelist.  She is gorgeous, and her book has taken the publishing world by storm.  Her husband was there, along with her children, and she told us--eloquently, with a great deal of humor and grace (while wearing the most beautiful cashmere cardigan)--how she came to write her book.And there I was, in the middle of the crowd, looking attentive and (I think) somewhat normal, being eaten alive by jealousy.There was no reason to be jealous.  I'm … [Read more...]