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Advice To the Perfectionist From Her 8-Year-Old Self

Sometimes ya just gotta listen to your inner child. You might also like:Google, how do I deal with bratty kids? … [Read more...]

Google, How Do I Deal With Bratty Kids?

  So, you invite your bestie over for lunch and her son, Hester, acts like a Cretan who has been given his first taste of table sugar.  He slams doors, runs into every room of the house, rifles through your underwear drawer, grabs your iPad and runs toward the stairs. You, of course, are appalled and look pleadingly to your friend who, yes, laughs."Isn't he cute?" she says."Boy, he's curious today!" she says."Give me a paddle," you want to say.This is an issue I have … [Read more...]

Transracial Adoption: One Surprising Challenge

Of all the challenges white mama Nancy French expected when adopting a baby from Africa, here's one she never anticipated. Love her teachable response to criticism! … [Read more...]

How To Create a Prodigal 101

1.  First, students, remember to major on minors:  Make no differentiation between social guffaws and moral absolutes.  In fact, invert your response if possible--For commandment-breaking acts, throw up your hands and say, Oh, she didn't actually mean to lie.  And, for matters of indifference,  go bat-crud-crazy: HOW DARE YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT SHOES, and so on and so forth. 2.  Concern yourself with externals like 'modesty' over internals like 'a growing resentment that will take year … [Read more...]