Advice To the Perfectionist From Her 8-Year-Old Self

Sometimes ya just gotta listen to your inner child.

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  • jennys

    This is a fantastic find and it shows great insight! Go with it.

    • wholemama

      I know, right? Makes me want to dig deeper into my mementos and see what other treasures I can find;) Sure could use one on how to firm up my thighs.

  • mimcheney

    Great! Going to share this with C tonight. She had some issues yesterday at softball practice–very discouraged that she couldn’t catch any of the fly balls. Oh, that it could be so easy … “never [thinking] about being a perfect again.” But it’s a very good start. :)

    • wholemama

       I know, Mim…wish I could just never think about it again either:) How did it go with C?