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The Wise Man Built His House Upon the…Sand?

When Maryalice and her husband rebuilt their house, they did it differently than before. They built their original home, located on a peninsula that juts deep into Biloxi Bay, on a concrete slab where it nestled nice and snug on a sandy patch, conveniently located for optimal flooding.Thirty-six years and a great boot stomp later, they're doing it differently the second time around.Steel pilings raise the house to the government required height and plunge deep into the ground, beyond … [Read more...]

Before You Lob Your Next Theological Argument, Remember…

“Kindness has converted more people than zeal, science, or eloquence.” --Mother Teresa … [Read more...]

Craving the Rot

There it lies, silver flat and belly up. The fish (what kind? I should have paid more attention in biology), thrown up by the tide, gathers flies on the sand not far from where I sit baking in the Mississippi sun.Before I've finished a page in my book, a fight breaks out. A seagull, having claimed the fish as 'his' in the tacit pecking order of animalia, is upset, offended because another bird is closing in on his lunch."But, but, but," he cries. "But, but, but."Bird Number Two … [Read more...]

What If You Lost Everything?

Right on the tail of writing my hurricane post, two of the girls and I were in a local toy store looking at the Madame Alexander dolls when an elderly woman came up and asked them which one they liked the best. "I love Scarlett," said one. "I love Little Bo Peep," said the other."My favorite is Captain Hook," said the lady, after which she unlocked the glass case and pulled 'him' out to show the girls."Are you a collector?" I asked, hoping she wouldn't respond with, "Well, duh. I own a … [Read more...]