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How Not to Miss Christmas

Last year we missed Christmas. I mean, we opened presents and drank egg nog and everything, but somehow none of us felt like we had a Christmas.This year, I want it to be different.A few weeks ago I was overcome by the sensation that I was not alive. I was a person who lived in her head, constantly formulating blog posts and essay ideas. I was a person who read great books half the time and thought about what I'd read the other half of the time. I was a robot, physically going through … [Read more...]

Finding Rest…Just in Time for Thanksgiving

I'm gonna be real honest with you: I'm pooped.I don't mean tired. I don't mean exhausted. I mean, across the boards,┬áDone. In.It started with playing single mommy for four months while Ian was away for military training and it is ending (note the optimism here) TODAY.Quite literally, because his 'seasoning days' (whatever those are) are completed TODAY...convenient, since I have been planning a breakdown for this occasion since early June.┬áThe year has weighed heavy, on many fronts, b … [Read more...]