How (and Why) To Create a Mama Journal

As with any non-fiction book, my new book, Humpty Dumpty Just Needed a Nap, will be much more meaningful to you if you journal your way through it. To help you, I am going to be writing for the next few weeks about practical ways to apply the things we are learning via the children's stories featured in the book. But, to start with, let's talk about WHERE to write your insights down.Other than my personal journal, where I write down daily life with the kids, I have two others pertaining to m … [Read more...]

The Hundred Acre Cure for Mama Competition

“The things that make me different are the things that make me.” ~A.A. Milne *** (Alert: No matter how it first appears, this post is NOT about home schooling) *** The woman said what so many have said to me over the last sixteen years when hearing that I home school my children. "You must be so patient...I could NEVER teach my own children, I'd go crazy!" Such comments are meant to be kind, but somehow I'm always left feeling rotten after I hear them...not because I doubt my decision, but … [Read more...]

What Children’s Stories Teach Us About Life

 Some of the titles in Story Mama *** The Bible says that if we are to understand spiritual things, we are to be as children. I would like to adapt this concept for mamas: If we are to understand life, we must understand children's books. Let me illustrate (not literally, of course): When you go to Barnes and Noble to buy a self-help book, you might pick a bestseller off the shelf that has the following chapter titles: 1. How to feel accepted just the way you are 2. How to take good care … [Read more...]

My Book is Done!!!!!

Some of the titles featured in Story Mama. *** Have you made the common mistake of thinking children's stories are for children? Most adults have. But don't feel bad because the secret has only recently been discovered: Children's stories are really parenting manuals in disguise. Shhh... Yeah, yeah, the people who wrote these stories may not admit it, but it's true: There's a wealth of wisdom tucked into those half-eaten books cluttering your shelves. All you need is a guide, a treasure map … [Read more...]

Do You Like Your Kids?

 1/2 of the likables *** Just one car is parked against the curb when I see her. The school bell has just rung and out she comes, pushing a stroller at breakneck speed. A tiny blond boy runs fifteen feet behind her, trying to catch up. Without looking behind her even once, she crosses the parking lot exit as her little one runs in the path of potentially exiting cars, still trying to catch her. 'Mommy, mommy!' he cries, running, tripping but not quite falling. It's not until they reach the car … [Read more...]

When You’re Feeling Stuck in the Past…

"Paul tells us this life is like a race...We cannot run our race if we are weighted down by our past. My anger over my losses was like a millstone around my neck. It slowed me to a standstill, especially as I grew older. It was only through yielding and looking ahead that the ropes on which those millstones hung were severed. Finally I was free. How I wish I had made these choices earlier...[God is] not intimidated or limited by our prison walls. We might be, but He's not. He marches right into … [Read more...]