Speaking for Others: Part Two

Is it possible to respectfully speak for others when they aren’t around to speak up for themselves? Second of a two part series. Read more

What Does Interfaith Mean?

When I am tempted to dump all my grievances onto the adherents of a particular religion—including my own—I can remind myself of these bridges of compassion and affection. And I can encourage myself—and all of you—to do more bridge-building, to practice that most sacred and ancient religious practice: Hospitality. Read more

Asking the Right Question

The Patheos Public Square topic for the beginning of April asked us to consider whether or not capitalism has failed. A better question, in my opinion, is “Who has capitalism failed?” Read more

Interfaith in the Pagan Community

If the Pagans of this world cannot find a way of working together in spite of their differences in spiritual beliefs and practices, how are they going to ever be able to work with those of other religions? Our actions in our own communities speak louder than our words. Read more

A pagan visit to a Hindu Ashram Community

Even in this extremely peaceful community, I felt the same profound sense of not belonging (mostly by choice), as I would have at a Christian church; just on a different scale. For being a Pantheist-Naturalist type of Pagan, I wasn’t really interested in buying into the dharma of Satsang, or Hatha Yoga, or the ritual of listening to the daily lunch reading of a passage from the Bhagavad Gita. It was a great experience to add to my belt. Read more

How to Do Interfaith: Basics For Pagan Beginners, Part 1

The imam replied, “We all know there are crazy Muslims.” He glanced my way in the audience and continued, “And we know there are crazy Pagans, too. But we know that Paganism isn’t crazy, because we know Holli, and she is a lovely person.” Read more

Speaking for Others: Part One

Is it possible to respectfully speak for others when they aren’t around to speak up for themselves? Part one of a two part series. Read more

The Pagan Collective

In March, the Pagan channel is answering the question “What does my Paganism look like in 50 years?” While I’m not sure that my Paganism is like other people’s, I hope that in 50 years myself and people like me have a seat at the table with Pagans like you. Read more

Religious Shop Talk

Social media is such a wondrous tool.  I graduated from an Evangelical Lutheran high school, and so I still have a number of very conservative Christians on my friend’s list.  This past week, I was able to have a discussion with a friend I haven’t seen in years, who is a student of theology and is heavily active in his church (a non-denominational, but strongly Evangelical organization).  He posted a question about the use of language in prayer – specifically,… Read more

Approaching the Season of Balance

With Imbolc and a polar vortex behind us, we are entering the early planting season here in the southern highlands of Appalachia. As we approach the Vernal Equinox–the quaint season of balance–I am acutely aware of the precarious balance in the human world. Read more

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