Caption This Photo "Contest"

It seems that Wild Goose executive director Gareth Higgins is taking a pilgrimage to one of the glorious hearts of theology in the U.S. Along the way he encountered fellow-pilgrims – and Wild Goose contributors - Jay Bakker, Peter Rollins, and Tony Jones.

This unholy trinity has concoctedcontest to demonstrate which one of them rules the socialmediasphere (humbly, of course): Who among them can move the most Wild Goose tickets in the next 72 hours?

To this end, each of them has been bestowed with a discount code from above – each equal in worth but distinct in personality:

Mr. Rollins:  “prollins”

Mr. Jones: “tjones”

Mr. Bakker: “jbakker”

Enter one of these codes (and alas, only one) at our Wild Goose ticket checkout and receive approximately $10 off each ticket. Demonstrate your e-loyalty to one of the above gentlemen of your choosing by entering their discount code. These codes are good for ten days, but your “vote” will only count for the next three days!

Choose wisely, friends. The winner will gain the very cuddly goose that Gareth is caressing in his arms. We will announce the winner on this very blog.

In the meantime, almost on cue, this mysterious photo crossed the desk of Goose Central. What’s going on here? Supply us with your caption!

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Stay Tuned for Wild Goose 2013
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  • Joel

    “Tony Jones (right) is shocked that no one has dispatched the goose while Jay Bakker (middle left) is shocked the goose hasn’t fallen, all the while Peter Rollins (left) eagerly awaits to tell them how (not) to hold a goose.”

  • Tia Lynn

    “If they found a way to turn Rob Bell into a goose, imagine what they will do to us!”

  • Steve K.

    Apophaaaaaa-tic (theology)!

  • Mike

    So your idea for distracting attention from Rob Bell is to become the new voice of the AFLAC duck?

  • Tripp fuller

    “come here friends and have a gander at my goose….it’s a wild one!”

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  • David Zimmerman

    And the winner of the John Lennon Wannabe contest is . . . well, it’s the goose, isn’t it?

  • Tia Lynn

    “If they found a way to turn Rob Bell into a goose, imagine what they’ll do to us!”

  • Heather Gerlach

    Is this goose “wild” or is he already “cooked”?

  • Rob Miller

    Not very original, but

    “Buy a ticket or the goose gets it”

  • Jeff Straka

    HONK if you love Jesus! (what else?!)

  • Debra Avery

    An Irish philosopher, an eccesioproctologist, a PK and a pomotheobloggian walk into a bar with a goose walk into a bar…

  • deborah arca

    Contemplating the cuddly Holy Spirit

  • Cyndi Wunder

    “You get the golden egg!”
    “No, you!”
    “I can’t I’m holdin the goose,”
    “well I ain’t touchin it!”

    – thought bubble over Tony’s head, “how do you suppose it got in there?”

  • Carolyn Kennedy

    Oh no! I thought I was the first man pregnant with a BABY!

  • http://GraceNotesintheDesert Linda Roberts-Baca

    “Let that wild goose fly”

  • Travis Keller

    “That’s how he gets the sauce out of that thing. Oh… wait… that’s not a duck.”

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  • Rob Miller

    Tony Jones: So, logically…,If… she.. weighs the same as the goose, she’s made of wood.

    Jay Bakker: And therefore–?

    Pete Rollins: A witch!

    Gareth Higgins: We shall use my larger scales!

  • Jennifer Grove

    “Is what’s good for the goose, acutally what’s good for the gander? Goose Theology vs. Gander Theology”
    [film at 11]

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  • Eric

    So they waited and wondered: Could the wild goose be toilet trained?

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  • Rick Wimanq

    “You say…Golden Eggs? Is that reality, philosophy, or theory….?”

  • Christina

    The goose, the whole goose, and nothing but the goose, so help us Gareth!

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  • Chris

    Jay Bakker seems to be the best “Maverick” like wingman for the goose.

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  • Mindy

    Gooses’ wild!!

  • Mark Nielsen

    Alpha Flaaak!