What I *Don't* Want out of the Wild Goose Festival – Shane Claiborne

I am proud to have been part of this shin-dig from its inception… and am so excited to see it being born.  Here are a few of my hopes for the ole Wild Goose Festival.   I hope it is…..

A celebration of art, creativity, and prophetic imagination
A showcasing of fantastic Kingdom-minded projects and missional businesses (not just funnel cakes and university tables)
A spectrum of diverse voices harmonizing without homogenizing – old and young, catholic and protestant (and other), all colors of skin, from many walks of life
Courageous and daring
An uncompromising fusion of Jesus and justice without making folks who are new to either of these feeling excluded  — perhaps a few debates or panels inviting critics to share their voices would be nice
An event that is creative enough to make sure money is not an obstacle to folks who want to attend
Good teaching…. And good music
A convergence of movements
A place for families and kids
A public witness where we can do something together to bear witness or stir a little holy mischief (perhaps a vigil outside a weapons contractor or abusive corporation)
A space that feels sacred –  filled with worship, genuine fellowship, and celebration
A gathering where theory and practice meet, where prayer and reflection are married, where there is good thinking but also good living taught and practiced
An embodiment that displays the unity of Christ’s body, and creatively practices Communion/Eucharist together

A few things I would like to make sure Wild Goose is NOT:

Preaching to the choir
Celebrity-driven entertainment
Branded by one organization or movement
Sloppy with theology
Sloppy with practice
Another Christian music festival
Profitable (expensive)
A passive gathering of spectators
Just another event to go to every year
It is a gift and honor to be part of this little adventure with all of you.  –shane claiborne

P.S: I made a Wild Goose video! Check it out!

For the next ten days, tickets can be purchased for $10 off using the discount code SubversiveFriends here, courtesy of Shane and his community The Simple Way!

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