Oil Spills and Daily Habits

A year after it happened, the disastrous Gulf oil spill is barely heard in the news cycle.

But beyond the headlines, the growing community working toward the Wild Goose Festival recognizes that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to ecological disaster: Beyond BP, beyond failure in technique, is our continued mass consumption of oil. Wild Goose friend Brian McLaren memorably completed a multipart examination of what’s gotten us into this mess and how we can give up the oil habit, here.

The Wild Goose Festival is a space to galvanize people with a sense of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts – inspiring a new community taking care of the earth as seriously as other justice issues that require our attention. We feel that God’s Spirit is leading us into concrete actions of kindness on the part of our neighbors, our enemies, ourselves and our shared ecosystem.

And we want to practice what we preach – The Wild Goose Festival will be ethically aware from our planning to the festival itself – watch this space in coming months for tangible help in carpooling and community stops along your festival pilgrimage. Our hosts at Shakori Hills are seasoned in utilizing local vendors and sustainable practices to leave the land in better condition than we found it. We’ll learn from our sponsors at Restoring Eden new ways of framing and living into God’s new creation ecology.

At Wild Goose, we not only want to raise the issues, but embody the solutions. We hope you’ll join the Wild Goose community as we migrate South in seven weeks. Have you obtained your tickets yet? If not get them here; prices increase on May 15th.

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