"Buy One, Share One Free" Ticket Sale – 48 Hours Only!

Can you believe we’re just a week away from the first-ever Wild Goose Festival? We’re excited; as of right now over 1200 people will be joining us for a collaborative extended weekend of art, music, justice, and spirituality – following the Wild Goose herself into the heart of the world.

Buy One Ticket, Share One Free Sale

This month, we reached a milestone: Due to the generosity of our speakers and musicians, who – every single one – waived their fees; the resiliency of volunteers, who are the backbone of this festival; the kindness of philanthropists, foundations, and sponsors, who have dug deep into their resources; the frugality of staff, who trimmed the budget repeatedly over the past year; and most of all to our paying ticket holders, who have funded our efforts thus far – we have now reached a point where our budget allows us to do something special:

We’d like to celebrate in a spirit of generosity by giving a gift to the larger community who may not have purchased their tickets yet, as well as those who have but wish to bring along even more family and friends: from now until midnight Saturday, all Wild Goose tickets and ticket packages will be buy-one, get-one-free – or as we prefer to look at it, Buy One, Share One Free. Whether it’s a student ticket, a day pass, or a family of four, for the next 48 hours only whatever you purchase will be given to you twice-over!

You don’t need a special discount code to take advantage of this offer. Just go to http://wildgoose.eventbrite.com and you will see this special automatically at checkout. Please know that all ticket sales from this 48-hour sale will go to benefit our ongoing efforts toward a 2012 Wild Goose Festival – your purchases at this time will ensure a smooth and dynamic continuation of operations as we hope, pray, plan and dream together for what’s next! Feel free to revisit http://wildgoosefestival.org to see all the wonderful workshops, concerts, teach-ins, and collaborations that you can participate in – now with a friend!

Travel Arragnements

People are coming by plane, train, and automobile to the Wild Goose Festival – from all over the world! As part of our passion for sustainable travel, as well as our commitment to hospitality in the way of Jesus, could you do your fellow Goose-travellers a favor? Could you check out our Facebook Fan, Profile, and Event pages? We have folks posting travel needs and travel availabilities from far and wide in these three spaces. Lots of folks need (or are giving) rides from places as diverse as Vancouver, Portland, and Ohio – and plenty more need rides out to Shakori Hills from North Carolina airports and train stations. If you can give a hand, or need a hand, please connect directly to folks via the Facebook links above. Also, please follow us @WildGooseFest on Twitter for up-to-the-minute updates as the festival days approach.

Community Sharing

As the festival approaches, please keep sharing your photos, poetry, dreams, and video uploads! We’ve decided that the official Wild Goose Festival 2011 hashtag – for Tweets, blog posts, and photos – is #WGF2011. Here are two recent videos I think you’ll enjoy.

Win A Kayak

We’re thankful to festival sponsors Faithlife Financial for helping make everything possible, and for giving away a kayak to one festival-goer! If you’d like the opportunity to take home a kayak, stop by Faithlife’s booth at the festival!

That’s it for now. Thank you again for everything you’ve enabled for your Wild Goose Festival this year.

We’ll see you next week!

Mike, for the Goose

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