Help the Wild Goose Soar in 2012

This past June 1700 people from across North America and around the world converged on a farm in North Carolina for the first Wild Goose Festival. It was four days of music, making art, learning and activism at the intersection of spirituality, justice and art. A new tradition was born; coming together once a year to see one another in all our beauty and diversity, and challenge one another to follow the path of Jesus into a new world.

In just over six months from now, on June 21st-24th 2012, Wild Goose  will be happening again at Shakori Hills farm near Pittsboro, NC.  We are hoping that twice as many people will participate – 3500 or more – and when we say participate, we mean it. This past year, elder statesmen of the civil rights movement, Oscar and Grammy winners, and internationally renowned figures in spiritual leadership mingled with local activists, educators, and families as part of the community along with everyone else. We plan to continue to build this community spirit in 2012.

Will you help the Wild Goose soar by making a donation now?

Right now, we need to raise the funds to sustain the development of the festival into 2012. We have set our ticket prices deliberately low because we want the festival to be accessible to everyone. As ticket sales alone do not come close to covering this cost, we are hoping to raise $50,000 by December 31st. We’re asking you as a friend of the festival who believes in its vision to make your most generous end of year donation today.

If you believe in the Wild Goose Festival, and in its potential to make a difference in the world, click here to make a donation to the festival.

Wild Goose will change in 2012

Curious about what will be different at Wild Goose 2012? Here is a taste of what 2012 will offer… For starters, the festival schedule will run for an extra half day, ending on Sunday evening. There will be greater diversity among speakers, musicians and performers, and were taking care to ensure there is more unstructured space for informal conversation and spontaneous action. For the next six months, the Wild Goose team of volunteers (the lifeblood of the organization) will be dedicated to planning, improving, and nurturing every area of the festival.  We will be making lineup announcements soon. For more on changes, read this.

So please consider making an end of year tax-deductible donation today and help the Wild Goose soar! If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us using the details below. Thank you.

Gareth Higgins
Executive Director

Karla Yaconelli
Fundraising Chair

PS: We believe the Wild Goose is a unique festival where diverse leaders teach prayer, social justice workshops facilitate local and global change, artists find their spiritual practices nurtured and expanded, and kids and young people become as much a part of the community as elders. At the festival you can watch a movie in the presence of its director, learn about and participate in the cutting edge of community transformation from nationally-recognized leaders, build new relationships and enjoy old ones, and bring your own gifts to the table. If you haven’t had the chance to experience the festival consider buying a ticket and joining us this June; if you experienced the festival this past year consider helping us make it accessible to people for years to come through a donation. Thank you.

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