Three Things that Will Change for Wild Goose Festival 2012 – Gareth Higgins

While we’re aiming that the lineup of speakers and performers will be second to none, we really do believe that the vision of the festival of creating an intersection between justice, spirituality, and art, transcends who might appear publicly on a stage. We want to collapse hierarchies between public figures and audience members in order to create a truly participative, even egalitarianfestival. We have archived last year’s program on the festival website, so people can see something of what last year’s excitement looked like; but we can announce now that there will be at least three differences to the program from last year:

1: The festival will run til late night Sunday, with people invited to stay through Monday morning, giving half a day extra for the same ticket price as last year;

2: There will be more venues for performance and conversations, more diversity among the contributors, and more opportunities for everyone to participate through speaking, performing, and hosting conversations yourselves.

3: Unlike this year, will publish a full schedule online before the festivalbegins. For now, we think the advance ticket rate – well below covering the cost of what the festival takes to put on – is a great incentive for people to sign up. But, as we’ve said, we will also be announcing some of the lineup before the end of the year. Thanks!

Our Advance Rate tickets are available through Christmas and New Year only; after December 31st, our reduced rate of $119 will be going up. You can get tickets for yourself and loved ones right here.

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