Crowder Comes To Wild Goose 2012

After 9 Dove Awards and 22 nominations, the David Crowder Band released its final album, Give Us Rest, earlier this year. Their last endeavor was the grand finale to their career together, earning them a number two spot on Billboard’s Top 200 and selling 50,000 units in just one week.

Since then, David Crowder has formed a new music collective known simply as “Crowder.” You can be one of the first to catch this new arrangement of Crowder-music featuring the artist’s unconventional mix of  bluegrass, folk, alternative, and worship under-girded by electronic ambiance at Wild Goose 2012.

Pick up your four-day tickets for only $139 here. And enjoy a mashup of Oh Happiness bliss from last summer’s Crowder appearances below.


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