Wild Goose Announces 2nd Round of Lineup: New Speakers and Performers Added


To celebrate this announcements, we have reverted ticket prices back to the early bird price of $119 until this Wednesday, May 9th, at midnight.

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From June 21-24, we invite you to Wild Goose 2012 to participate in our journey of exile and return.

Our experience this year will draw momentum from speakers and performers like Brian McLaren, Shane Claiborne, Alexia Salvatierra, Jim Wallis, Ian Cron, David Crowder, Aljosie Knight, Michelle Shocked, Gungor and Aradhna who were included in our first lineup announcement last month.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the addition of many more inspiring voices who will be present with us during the festival.  There’s powerhouse gospel music from Brooklyn, theological reflection from Belfast, activism from Baltimore, literature from Boston . . . and that’s just the ‘B’s.

As you’ll see below, it’s a phenomenal lineup of thinkers, writers, film-makers, musicians and activists.  If you live within 700 miles of North Carolina, we hope you’ll pen this event into your calendar and make the less than a day’s drive to join us in just SIX WEEKS!  You can reserve your sale-price tickets to join us and discover more about the festival by Wednesday, May 9th.


Prolific author and founding editor of the religion department of Publisher’s Weekly, Phyllis Tickle will embody hope for the church as an “allegedly retired” mother returning to Wild Goose to lift our spirits.

Best-selling author and professor at Duke Divinity School Lauren Winner will share from her faith experiences as a traveler and graduate of Duke, Columbia, and Cambridge universities.

Local justice activists Nelson and Joyce Johnson and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove will represent the legacy of the black civil rights movement as well as the emerging tradition of new monasticism

Northern Ireland native and A/theologian Pete Rollins will offer reflections from his life as a writer, storyteller and provocateur who forces us to ask if we embody resurrection as much as we claim to believe it.

New York Times Best-Selling Author, Frank Schaeffer, will speak from his experiences on both sides of the culture war and from his desire to transcend religious sniping with a call to childlike wonder

Peace-making Jesuit priest John Dear will share ideas about the practice of peace from the tradition of Gandhi.

Activist and Founder of the Gay Christian Network Justin Lee will dialogue about his work with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities of faith.

Author and psychologist Alexander Shia will bring his service as a spiritual guide and the inspiration behind his book ‘The Hidden Power of the Gospels’.

Founder of theooze.com  and Soularize, visionary Spencer Burke will facilitate learning opportunities for aspiring public speakers.

Ordained minister and licensed marriage and family therapist Erin Swenson will present insights from her work devoted to educating institutions of higher learning, medical practices and faith groups about diversity in gender expression and the place of gender in modern life.

World Food Prize laureate David Beckmann, one of the foremost U.S. advocates for hungry and poor people, will share from his experience leading large-scale and successful campaigns to strengthen U.S. political commitment to overcome hunger and poverty in the country and globally.

Hip-hop pastor, Phil Jackson will share from his work promoting justice in urban communities. Author and humorist Margot Starbuck will share insights from her life as a mother and happy wisdom figure. Keetoowah Cherokee Indian teacher, lecturer, poet, activist, pastor and historian Randy Woodley will help us rethink the history and power dynamics of our spiritual traditions. Photographer Nikole Lim will share from her journey as a humanitarian filmmaker.


Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens – Authentic heart of Brooklyn gospel, 75 years old and still playing night clubs, Naomi outwails Wilson Picket, lovingly howls echoes of James Brown school of soul, and leads us on a path to glorious appearing: Shakori Hills farm may not look like the Apollo Theatre, but it sure will feel like it.

Phil Madeira, Cindy Morgan and friends will perform music from Mercyland’s Hymns for the Rest of Us. This will mark the first public performance of Mercyland – soul-drenched gutwrenchers collected from legendary guests. Over the Rhine will return to Wild Goose to deliver an intimate set and collaborate with Lauren Winner’s spoken word pieces.

David Ruis will present indigenous electrics set to reflect the eccentric tapestry of soul-storied warriors within and without voices, while Josh Garrels will split justiss-flavored easy-but-not-so-easy listening folk-hop – it melts in your mind, not in your hand.

The extraordinary David Perkins, influential producer and blues singer/guitarist will share soul-spinning duties with Portland, Oregon anthemic-grit-gospellers Agents of Future. And Derek Webb will bring the second wave of folk-rock provocative activity live from the trusted namedropper of the hay/wired Center of Nativity

This is just a sample of the names being added to the Wild Goose lineup. Visit the website to see more than 60 of the most up to date speakers and performers. Also, please check back regularly as more speakers and performers will be featured on the blog in the coming weeks!

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