May the Road Rise Up To Meet You

Set-up continues at Shakori Hills, the 72 acre farm where the Wild Goose Festival will open it’s gates at 4:00 p.m. EST today.

Last night, the scene buzzed with anticipation as exhibitors and volunteers (above) made their way to the site, preparing for your arrival.

Some Helpful Information

May the road (and clouds and train tracks) rise up to meet you as you come in today, Wild Goose family!



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  • Susan Stover

    Did you ever have a “mountain-top” experience, followed by a “let-down” when it was over and you had to return to “reality”? Perhaps you were among the hundreds who got “goosed-up” for the future of spirituality and justice at the Wild Goose Festival in North Carolina this past weekend. It can be a let-down if you are returning home to people who haven’t experienced what you have. It may seem like “the Goose has flown.”

    In a way, there are two separate worlds Christians inhabit: The “new” world of progressive, emergence Christianity and following Jesus more actively. Then there is the “old” world that is traditional, solid, predictable–yet perhaps not attuned to the changes that we see coming. Is it possible to grow into the new, without abandoning the old? There are real stumbling blocks between the old and the new when it comes to religion–stumbling blocks for you and me and for many like us. Will you settle back into the old for its comfortable predictability? Or follow the Goose into the new, the emerging, the hope, the promise?

    A bridge might be helpful.

    Clear Faith–the book and its theology–offers a bridge with a new way of seeing, a new way of overcoming theological obstacles. Clear Faith views the Bible from a non-supernatural perspective that fleshes out our religious identity without making excuses for the Bible’s inconsistencies. Clear Faith offers a perspective on Jesus and on God that makes sense rather than forcing us to suspend reason. Clear Faith removes man-made creeds and lists of beliefs to free us for the unconfined, compassionate vision of God. Clear Faith breaks down the walls between Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Muslim, and all spiritual followers to a boundary-free dwelling in wholeness, shalom, and gratitude.

    If you long for a bridge between the mountain-top and the reality back home–or if you know of folks to whom you’d like to offer a glimpse of the Wild Goose–please take a look at the book, Clear Faith: Clearing Away Stumbling Blocks for a Faith that Makes Sense. It’s short, it’s worth more than its low cost, and it’s available in softcover, hard cover, and e-book form. Find it on-line through the Amazon Kindle bookstore;; Barnes & Noble; or iBookstore. And let me know what you think about this bridge, at

  • Eric Elnes

    Nice job (again), folks! This year’s WGF was even better than the last. Here’s a reflection I just posted on the Darkwood Brew blog:

    • pamela chaddock

      Eric, yours was my favorite commentary … and love your website and where you and Darkbrew are going. Sure hope you’re coming to the WEST in Oregon!